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Less external noise. Better mood. More relaxed and creative.

    Six Steps to Creating a Calming Zen Space.
    We Don’t Think Samples Should Go to Waste.

    Set Your Drink Down. Experience the Color.

    Don’t Call It a Bedroom. Call It a Theme Park.

    More Colors. More Adventure. More Happy.

    Decorating Your Rental Spaces With Felt Right Wall Tiles
    It’s time to ditch those ugly, naked walls with our state-of-the-art felt tiles providing a true “welcome home” vibe to any hotel room or rental space.
    How Do Sound-Dampening Panels Work?
    And how many do you need?
    Get the Most Out of Your Space With Felt Right Partition Panels
    Whether at home or in the office, it’s important to get the most out of your space. That’s why homeowners and business owners alike continue to find creative ways to use their spaces.
    Sensory Inclusivity with Felt Right
    Did you know that you can make your space more sensory inclusive with felt tiles? Many of us, however, may not even be aware of the need for sensory inclusivity. 
    Create Fun Family Memories With Felt Right
    During the holiday season, capitalize on this exciting feature by developing a family plan for hanging up Christmas decorations, and transform the room completely with wall panels to match.
    Discover Your Color Personality with the Felt Right Color Quiz
    In just a few questions, we can help you learn more about your connection to color and help you develop your very own personality palette.
    Pro Installation Tips for Felt Right Felt Tiles
    With a quick and convenient installation process, Felt Right has made decorating your walls easy. In just a few simple steps, you can completely transform the walls in your space.
    Bring Your Brand to Life with Felt Right
    In this blog, we’re delving into the world of branding to explore how it can transform your business and help you grow. 
    Back to School with Felt Right Wall Tiles
    In this blog, we’re taking a closer look at how our felt wall tiles can enhance your classroom. From K-12 to college, felt wall tiles can add warmth to your space and help students focus by absorbing a percentage of unwanted noise. Additionally, since our PET felt is pinnable, you can use these felt tiles to hang up notes, reminders, or student projects.
    Felt Right Tiles for Commercial Spaces
    In this blog, we’re looking at how Felt Right wall tiles can be used in a variety of commercial spaces to add color, create an inviting atmosphere...
    What is Mid-Century Modern Design?
    Mid-century modern interiors feature a unique mixture of colors, textures, and furnishings that prioritize a functional and durable design.
    Custom Projects with Felt Right
    Let us help you create your next custom acoustic felt project with Felt Right's felt wall tiles.
    Do you use the P-word?
    Let’s talk about the P-word… that’s right, Plastic.
    ReWild with Felt Right Wall Tiles
    You probably already know that Felt Right is your industry leader for high-quality felt tiles and felt boards that can instantly transform the walls in your home or office. But that’s just the beginning of what our colorful and pinnable felt wall tiles can do for you and your interior space. 
    Installing Your Felt Right Wall Tiles in Just 5 Easy Steps
    Using felt tiles in your home or office is a quick, eye-catching, and cost-effective way to instantly add color and warmth to your space.
    OfficeInsight - Felt Right’s Acoustic Solutions
    Felt Right was featured in officeinsight’s February 2022 article, Felt Right’s Acoustic Solutions - read it here:
    Exploring Felt Right Patterns
    How color theory and mindful pattern use can change the feeling in your space.
    Exploring Felt Right Colorways
    How color theory and mindful pattern use can change the feeling in your space.
    Can Color Change How You Feel?
    How can the mindful use of color change the overall feeling in your space? What kinds of emotions do different colors evoke?
    Designing Your Own Felt Board to Get Organized this Spring
    Our innovative felt tiles can be used to create your own felt board to finally get your life organized.
    Solving Acoustic Problems in 5 Different Types of Spaces
    In this blog, we’re taking a closer look at acoustics and how you can work to solve acoustic problems in various different spaces for your home or office. Many people are shocked by how quick and easy it can be to transform the quality of acoustics and sound in your spaces to help you focus, relax, and enjoy your time indoors. 
    December Design Inspiration
    Each month our design team selects a few designs created by our customers that we feel inspired by.
    Organize Your Space With Felt Right
    We teamed up with Erin Gaskins, a professional organizer, to learn from an expert how to make spaces and systems that can help organize your life. Transform any room in your home or office into an eye-catching space with less ambient noise. 
    November Design Inspiration
    Each month our design team selects a few designs created by our customers that we feel inspired by.
    October Design Inspiration
    Each month our design team selects a few designs created by our customers that we feel inspired by.
    How a Vision Board Can Change Your Life
    Vision boards keep your goals organized and easily accessible. This visible manifestation of your objectives inspires change and productivity. 
    September Design Inspiration
    Each month our design team selects a few designs created by our customers that we feel inspired by.
    3 Designers Remake Their Home Offices With Felt Tiles
    One of the biggest changes of 2020 was navigating the switch to home offices as our primary work areas. Get organized in style with felt tiles and more home office wall decor ideas. 
    August Design Inspiration
    Each month our design team selects a few designs created by our customers that we feel inspired by.
    12 Acoustic Felt Designs For Your Home, Office, or Business [2021]
    Acoustic felt sound dampening tiles minimize undesirable noise in both home and office environments. In the past, sound dampening solutions were un...
    How to Transform Your Surroundings with Color: Deeper Shade of You.
    I’m Lori Weitzner, Color Mentor and Founder of Lori Weitzner Design, and I’d like to talk about the power of color and how this connection can tran...
    How to Do a Large-Scale Installation with Felt Board Tiles 
    Felt tiles have become an increasingly popular option for home and office décor. Not only do they add color and dimensionality to your walls, but f...
    How To Hang and Remove Felt Sound Panels
    Some sound dampening products are more of a hassle than they’re worth. However, the beautiful thing about Felt Right’s felt sound panels is not onl...
    What’s the Difference Between Soundproofing and Sound Dampening?
    It is easy to confuse soundproofing and sound dampening as the same concept. You may ask questions about whether you can soundproof your bedroom or...
    Working From Home With Felt Right
    As a result of shifting the work model to work-from-home, many of us have had to create home offices on the fly. Whether you’re converting a spare bedroom, dining space, or any other part of your home into your new office, it can be difficult to adjust to this new workspace.
    DIY Felt Accent Wall
    You can add texture warmth and acoustics to any wall with felt wall tile. Decorating with felt pixel art or squares can add beauty and sound dampening to your space.
    Eco friendly felt for modern interior design
    Many of us have fallen in love with great rooms and open concept design. While this look allows light to travel all through your home, it also lets sound bounce around.
    It's not the first time cities and their buildings will have to be reimagined or changed due to an increased understanding of a disease.
    Sound Dampening Spaces for Survivors of Trauma
    Too much noise is irritating for just about anyone, but for survivors of trauma, excess noise can be debilitating. There are people in PTSD treatment who can be triggered by environmental noise. If your home has enough ambient sound bouncing around to make you edgy, be aware that there are simple ways to reduce your noise-related stress.
    Soundproofing a Home Theater
    The right soundproofing material can make a major difference. Not only are sound dampening panels easy to put up, but they are well designed. If you want your home theater to look great, then using a decorative wall felt is your best bet.
    Transform Your Space
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