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Transform your Commercial Space
With Customizable Felt Wall Tiles
Produced in Salt Lake City
50% Recycled Materials
Tech and Design Support
Real-Time Quotes and Pricing
Ordering and Installation
1-2 Week Delivery Times
Work From Home
Add texture and improve sound
Work From Home
Simple install, stunning looks
Work From Home
Great for classrooms, dorms & more
Work From Home
Sports & Fitness
Easy to use, functional designs
Redesign your creative space
Customizable felt wall tiles are the perfect solution to add color, creativity, and texture to your commercial space. Whether it’s a coffee shop, co-working space, medical office, restaurant, or classroom that needs a new look, our PET felt tiles are the perfect answer to brighten up any space. Our felt tiles are customizable, pinnable, easy-to-install, and sound dampening. Reduce unwanted noise and improve the sound quality in your commercial space with Felt Right felt tiles.
Case Study
Case Study
Case Study
20,000 square feet of co-working space, and so many possibilities.
See the Full Study
Learn how we partnered with a charter school to transform acoustics – and so much more.
See the Full Study
Get Inspired by Customer Projects
Get Inspired
Get Inspired
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How to Work with Us
1. Design
Browse hundreds of our pre-made designs or customize your own display in our Design Studio.
2. Spec
Include Felt Right Design name or your design ID for custom designs for easy reference.
3. Order
Our prices and lead-times can’t be beat. We ship out quickly to keep your project on-track.
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See thousands of designs created by both our innovate creative team and customers with over 30 colors to choose from.
Explore Felt Right Designs
Explore Customer Creations
Visit our Felt Right Design Studio to get started creating your very own Felt Right tile board design. Use our award-winning color palette and a variety of shapes to bring your creative vision to life.
Create Your Design
Every Felt Right tile contains the equivalent of 4 recycled water bottles and is made using solar energy.
Create Your Design
Why Choose Felt Right
Connect with us about custom projects – and work directly with our team to match all of your creative needs, including custom cuts.
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We discuss the specifications of your project, including dimensions, color and aesthetic, acoustic needs, and installation.
We provide a mockup and/or cut file and work with you to refine your design.
Once the design is approved and your invoice is fulfilled, we initiate your project with our factory!
Email Us
To get started, you can contact us or download files from our design resources
Our Favorite Designs
Pop of Red
Pop of Red 12'2" x 5'1"
Strata Wall
Strata Wall 11'11" x 9'5"
Strong Hearts Cafe Gradient
Strong Hearts Cafe Gradient 7'9" x 4'4"
Vega 3
Vega 3 6'11" x 4'3"
Cutaway 9'1" x 6'11"
Dazzle 7'9" x 4'4"
Ready to Get Started?
Ready To
Get Started?
Design, print, and ship. It’s that easy to transform your commercial space into a more colorful, attractive, and better-sounding space. Fill out the form or call us at 801-742-1458 to get started on your commercial felt tile project. You can also use our live chat feature during business hours and get instant answers to your questions. Interested in becoming a Felt Right dealer? Learn more HERE.
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Felt Right Sheet Sales

Are you a fabricator needing to purchase full sheets?
We have the largest selection of colors available for shipment anywhere in the US.

Contact us by phone at 801-742-1458 or Email us at for a quote.

Product FAQs
Are Felt Right products commercial grade?
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Absolutely.  Although Felt Right serves both commercial and residential customers, all materials and products are made to the highest commercial performance standards including durability, sound absorption, quality and consistency, flammability and interior air quality standards.

What are the Sound Absorption Properties of Felt Right Tiles?
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Felt Right tiles have an NRC of 0.35. Depending on the surface area applied, your Felt Right tiles will have a noticeable effect on the acoustics of your space. We do not have any applicable sound-transmission (STC) data at this time.

What is the Material Composition of Felt Right Tiles?
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Felt Right tiles are made from 100% PET plastic, at least 50% of which is reclaimed from discarded water bottles. PET felt, created from the same plastic material used to make water and soda bottles, is made from spun plastic fibers pressed and sewn together. This lightweight and durable material is easy to clean and maintain while looking and feeling like warm wool.

How Do Felt Right Tiles Contribute to Healthy Indoor Air Quality?
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Felt Right tiles adhere to strict quality standards and ensure our products do not contain any red-list chemicals or materials harmful to your health. Our materials have also been tested to confirm they do not emit any harmful gasses and meet GreenGuard Certification Gold standards.

Where are our Tiles Made?
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We make our felt panels in-house in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Our world-class, sustainable factory is located at the base of the beautiful Wasatch Mountain Range,  which provides a backdrop almost as beautiful as our custom felt wall designs.

Do Felt Right Tiles Meet Flammability Requirements for Commercial Applications?
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Yes. Made with material that has undergone ASTM E-84 testing, our felt panels are considered a Class A material for commercial applications.

What are the Dimensions of Felt Right Tiles?
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Felt Right tiles come in 12 distinct sizes that are designed to work together in our Design Studio.  Please note that dimensions are nominal and exact dimensions are slightly smaller (for example 12” tiles are actually 11 ⅞”). All tiles are 3/8 inches thick.

Square 12” x 12” (11-⅞” actual)

Large Square 24” x 24” (23-3/4" x 23-3/4" actual)

Triangle 12” x 12” (11-⅞” actual)

Small Shiplap 3” x 12” (2-15/16" x 11-7/8" actual)

Shiplap 6” x 24” (23-¾” x 5-15/16” actual)

Half 6” x 12” (11-⅞” x 5-15/16” actual)

Large Half 12” x 24” (11-7/8" x 23-3/4" actual)

Quarter 6” x 6” (5-15/16” actual)

Pixel 3” x 3” (2-31/32” actual)

Diamond 5” x 6” (5-1/16” x 5-⅞” actual)

Large Diamond 12” x 21” (11-3/4" x 20-1/2" actual)

Hex 10” x 12” (10-¼” x 11-¾” actual)

Can Tiles Be Cut on Site to Specific Sizes?
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Yes, our tiles are easily cut to specific sizes and dimensions using a utility knife and a metal straight edge.

What Is the Tile Thickness?
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Felt Right tiles are ⅜ inch or 9mm thick.

Do Felt Right Tiles Reduce Sound Transmission from Adjacent Spaces?
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Yes, our felt tiles lessen sound absorption from nearby spaces. Multiple customer reviews highlight this benefit. However, please keep in mind that “sound-proofing” a space by reducing or eliminating sound from an adjacent space is a complex process and felt tiles are likely just one part of a multi-pronged solution.

Can the Tiles Be Used in Ceiling Applications?
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Felt Right tiles are ideal for ceiling applications, however, we do recommend using a construction adhesive like Liquid Nails to create a secure bond.

Can Felt Right Tiles Be Used in Flooring Applications?
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Felt Right tiles are not suitable for flooring applications.

Can Felt Right Tiles be Installed on Curved Walls?
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Our tiles are relatively rigid and do not easily conform to curved surfaces. However, the Pixel (3" x 3") and Quarter (6" x 6") tiles adhere with one 1" x 1" adhesive, and might be used to create a “faceted” effect assuming the radius of the curve is sufficiently large.

Project FAQs
How do I Order and Receive Samples?
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We provide free samples to our trade customers.  Let us know if there are any samples you need in order to confirm color choices before we begin production and we would be happy to send those via priority mail.

How do I create a unique design for my project?
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Our product is modular and completely customizable with the help of our online Design Studio. See our Design Studio video for a walkthrough and answers to frequently asked questions regarding our design tool.

How can I access design support for my project?
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You may reach out to us at any time for design support Please include your project specifications (e.g. photos, dimensions, concepts, branding assets, etc.) so we may best help you with your project.

What if my project calls for custom shapes and sizes?
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Felt Right offers a full range of custom project capabilities including custom shapes, sizes, logos, printing and other custom options.  Get started today by reaching out to us

How do I obtain a quote for my project?
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For most projects, you will be easily able to find pricing on our website as our design tool calculates pricing real-time as you create a design.

How do I specify my felt right design?
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Once you create your design in the felt right design studio, each design will be assigned a unique Design ID that is saved in your account.  You can create unlimited designs and save them in your account.  Once you have finalized your design, simply include your design ID in your specification.   

Once the project goes to bid, the contractor references the Felt Right design ID from the spec and is able to obtain quick and accurate pricing for your design.  The contractor is then able to order the design which will include an installation diagram.

For more information on design IDs see this video.

What Lead Times can be Expected for Commercial Orders?
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For smaller projects, our lead-times are usually less than 5 business days.  For larger commercial orders, you can expect a lead-time of approx 2-3 weeks.  Custom-cut projects generally have a lead time of 1-2 weeks.

How are Felt Right products shipped and how much can I expect to spend on shipping?
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Most orders are shipped in corrugated boxes and are shipped free of charge.  Larger custom orders that include full 4’ x 8’ sheets may be shipped via LTL freight on a pallet and we can provide a shipping quote.

Installation FAQs
What is the recommended installation method for commercial projects?
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For smaller, semi-permanent applications, we recommend using Felt Right commercial grade adhesive tabs.  Adhesive tabs make for a quick, easy installation process that provide a secure bond for semi-permanent installations

For larger, permanent or overhead applications we recommend using a construction adhesive like Liquid Nails to adhere tiles to wall or ceiling.  Felt Right tiles are precision fabricated to allow for easy, seamless installation and are a favorite with the construction trade.

What if I want to install my Felt Right Tiles myself?
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Many of our commercial customers opt to DIY their Felt Right designs.   All designs are shipped with an installation diagram and adhesive tabs.  Upon checking out, you are given the option to choose between Paint-safe and Commercial adhesive tabs—both are easy to install!

Tools required are a tape measure, level, and pencil. After aligning your first few tiles, the remainder of your design should be easy to complete.  For more information see our installation page:

Are Adhesive Tabs Included in My Felt Right Order?
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Every order of Felt Right tiles comes standard with adhesive tabs.  At checkout, you are given the option to choose between Paint Safe and Commercial tabs.  For more information on the difference between tabs, see here.

What are the Best Maintenance Practices for Felt Right Tiles?
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Our felt wall panels are easy to clean and maintain. To remove dust, all you need is a vacuum wand or hose. For spot cleaning, all you need is a damp rag or household cleaner to spray the tiles and wipe them down. For high-traffic, commercial applications, you can disinfect Felt Right tiles with multi-purpose cleaning products.  For more information, see our cleaning guide.

How are Returns Handled for Commercial Orders?
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We want to make sure you are happy with your purchase. For orders up to $1,000: If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days of purchase and we will refund your purchase minus the cost of shipping (or you may ship it yourself).

For orders of $1,000 to $3,000, you may return the items within 30 days and we will charge a 15% restocking fee plus the cost of return shipping.

We do not accept returns on orders larger than $3,000.

We limit returns on large orders because we custom fabricate tiles for each order rather than store excess inventory as part of our effort to minimize our environmental footprint.

In order to ensure that your project is successful, we have color samples available and also provide free, up-front design support to help realize your creative vision.

Contact us at

How Do I Uninstall Tiles without Damaging Paint?
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There are 2 important steps to uninstalling Felt Right tiles without damaging paint:

Step 1: Carefully separate each tile from the adhesive tabs.

Tiles are removed, leaving the tabs on the wall surface. This is done by inserting fingers between the tile and the wall, away from the tab location, and gradually applying pressure until the tile separates from the tabs. Avoid pulling the tile directly away from the wall in an abrupt or forceful manner as the tile needs time to release from the tabs.

Step 2: Roll the tabs off the wall.

Once the tile has been removed from the wall, leaving the tabs, then remove each tab from the wall. This is done by starting at a corner of the tab, applying pressure, and rolling the tab off of the wall with your finger or thumb. Avoid pulling the tab directly away from the wall.

If you have difficulty getting the tab to begin rolling, you can use a block pencil eraser to start the process.

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