Six Steps to Creating a Calming Zen Space.

Less external noise. Better mood. More relaxed and creative.

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    It’s a loud and distracting world out there, and noise can take a toll on all of us. Incessant traffic, background noise, and the constant hum of technology have become part of daily life. Things that can have a negative impact on our day to day, from fatigue to irritability, and the list goes on.

    But at Felt Right, we’re committed to helping people transform spaces that help you manage sound while building comfortable and productive areas that can serve as an oasis for a sense of calm and mental health. Our felt tiles were designed not just to add color to walls – they’re meant to reduce noise, increase a sense of peace and quiet, and bring a feeling of elevated wellness to everyday living.

    In this post, we’ll explore the fascinating connection between sound and wellness, with a particular focus on how incorporating felt tiles into our environments can lead to enhanced creativity, reduced fatigue, improved communication, and better sleep.

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    Understanding the Impact of Sound on Wellness

    Sound has a profound impact on our mental and physical well-being. High levels of noise and reverberation in indoor spaces can elevate stress levels, leading to fatigue, irritability, and impaired cognitive function. Chronic exposure to noise pollution has also been linked to various health issues, such as hypertension and sleep disturbances. Recognizing the significance of sound management becomes crucial for maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

    Stressed mom looking at computer screen while loud kids run around in the background.

     The Role of Felt Tiles in Sound Absorption 

    Felt Right tiles, made from sustainable and acoustically efficient materials, offer a simple yet powerful solution to combat excess noise. These versatile, not to mention beautiful tiles, work by absorbing sound waves and reducing the level of reverberation in a room. In short, the space becomes more peaceful, with diminished echoes and background noise.

    Office desk with green hanging partition behind it to divide up the space.

    Promoting Creativity in a Quiet Environment

    Studies have shown that a calm and quiet environment is conducive to enhanced creativity. And whether it’s in the home, a classroom, or office, that can make a big impact.

    Take for example the classroom calming corner. Even a small, simple installation of tiles in the corner can serve as an oasis for students that might feel over stimulated, stressed or tired, helping them reset their day – and stay mentally and emotionally healthy.

    In the office, this is also key, especially in open plan spaces. Sound management in bigger spaces can be a challenge, but with the introduction of felt tiles, you and your team can experience quieter work spaces where employees can do what they do best more comfortably.

    Less external noise. Better mood. More relaxed and creative. Who doesn’t love that?

    School classroom with Felt Right tile bulletin board.

    Six Steps to Creating a Calm Corner or Zen Space.

    • Asses your space and identify open walls that could accommodate felt tiles Visit Felt Right to explore our colors, shapes, and tile sizes.
    • Need help? Visit our acoustical calculator for friendly recommendations on how many square feet of tiles you need for your space.
    • Create your own unique design at our Felt Right Studio or choose from exciting pre-made designs in our Design Gallery 
    • Use Felt Right’s simple order and shipping delivered straight to your door.
    • Enjoy easy, fun installation in your space.
    • Experience a much quieter, calming space with your new tiles. And try not to smile too much.

    Get started today by checking out our main tile page HEREWoman opening Felt Right box.