Felt Right in Education
Our sound-dampening wall panels a peaceful space for work, study, or play. They’re the perfect solution for classrooms, common areas, hallways or any blank wall! They’re also:
  • Colorful
  • Customizable
  • Pinnable
  • removable
  • Easy to install
  • Meets safety requirements
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    Felt Right in Education
    Take Your Classroom To The Next Level
    Take your classroom to the next level!
    Brighten up a dull classroom, create a cozy sensory-inclusive space, build up school spirt, display student work and more!
    Why Our Panels Are Perfect for Education
    Sound and Wellness
    Felt Right panels are specially designed to reduce excess noise and echo.

    • Reduce 35% of sound waves
    • Perfect solution for individuals with sensory needs
    • Reduce stress and enhance overall wellness

    Learn more about sensory inclusivity
    Colorful Creations
    Colors can be intentionally chosen to enhance learning and calm the mind. Brighten up a dull classroom or add school spirit with specific colors or designs.

    • Full customization capabilities - size, shape and color
    • Designs can match any aesthetic, style, or color theme
    Easily customize a pre-made design or create your own with our easy-to-use online design studio.

    • Vast collection of shapes and colors
    • Free design assistance available
    • Custom printing, cutting, logos and more

    Try Our Design Studio
    Pinnable Durability
    • Display student work, posters, and charts
    • Never damage walls
    • Each Felt Right tile is 3/8” thick
    • The wool-like surface makes a great base for pinning
    Easy, removable Installation
    • Works on any wall type
    • Proprietary adhesive tabs included
    • Designs go up in no time
    • Detailed instructions included

    Learn More About Installation
    Wall Games
    Interactive Games
    Think outside the board with Felt Right’s innovative wall games. Choose between Chess, Checkers, or Tic-Tac-Toe.
    Shop Interactive Games
    Uses in Education
    How can Felt Right work for you in your classroom?
    What Educators Say:
    education wall tiles
    Felt right Reviews

    I have a concrete wall that I can’t staple into. In comes Felt Right to save the day! 🤩 Not only are these colors GORGEOUS and add such a fun pop of color to the room but they are also so easy to install. You can use push pins to easily hang anything and can completely customize your design on their website. I can’t wait to add our vocabulary words to this board throughout the year 🙌

    - Karima
    custom logo tiles
    eduction quotation tiles

    I am SO excited about my newest addition to my classroom decor!😍 Felt Right is the perfect way to spice up the walls of my classroom while also doubling as a bulletin board🤩 I am so excited to display our weekly crafts on here🫶🏼✏️

    tiles for education
    tiles for educators

    I spend more time in my classroom than my actual home! And so do my students! It’s always been a goal of mine to make my classroom our little home away from home, and Felt Right helps to do just that!🧡 I love that I can still hang posters from the felt tiles using push pins🎉 They warm up my room, add fun colors, and my students love it!🧡

    - Ciara
    How to use Felt Right in a classroom
    Color + Shape
    Elevate Your senses with our ever-expanding color palette.


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    Get Inspired
    Felt Right is Ideal For:
    • Classroom Decoration
    • Displaying student work
    • Corkboard/bulletin board replacement
    • Reducing unwanted noise in classrooms
    • Creating sensory rooms/corners
    • Breakrooms , public spaces, hallways, etc
    • Adding fun visual interest to classrooms
    • Createing warm, safe, secure environment
    What's Next
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    Full Tile Designs
    Browse thousands of designs to find the perfect fit for your space.
    Felt Right tile
    Sample Packs
    Experience the tiles first hand and have a fun rainbow design.
    Install Engraved Tiles
    Engraved Tiles
    Large 2’x2’ tiles engraved with fun patterns available in all Felt Right colors.
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