Soundproofing a Home Theater

The right soundproofing material can make a major difference. Not only are sound dampening panels easy to put up, but they are well designed. If you want your home theater to look great, then using a decorative wall felt is your best bet.

Everyone wants a good home theater room, but one thing that could ruin the experience for anyone is noise pollution. It may seem like this is an impossible thing to solve since you can't tell the world to stay quiet just for you, but you can soundproof this area.

soundproof media room tiles

How to soundproof this area

The reality is there are several things you can do to soundproof your media room. Doing this not only ensures that noise pollution is controlled, but it prevents sound from escaping, which disturbs neighbors or other folks in your home.

The following are some solutions for your consideration:



One of the most expensive but effective ways to control noise is to use damping  drywall. These are expensive and require a remodel of your home. This could be quite inconvenient, but it could also work wonders for your home theater area. Those who simply don't have the time or cash to take something like this on will have to choose another solution.

Keep in mind this option also means dealing with contractors. If you've ever worked with these guys before, you know it can be challenging. You have to worry about schedules, contracts, insurance, and all sorts of other issues. No one needs this kind of headache, especially when you don't have to.


Another relatively complicated method of soundproofing is called decoupling. What you are going to be doing is splitting your walls into two separate walls. You'll be creating this void between your walls to stop vibrations from penetrating the wall.

What's the problem with that?
The problem is you will have to tear down your wall so that you can hang two sheets of drywall instead of the one you have. This requires patience, and if you really don't have the time for it, then it might be a good idea to consider an alternative option.


Decoupling wall tiles

Adding the Right Material

The most economical choice and the most doable for homeowners is this one. The only thing you have to figure out is how to add soundproofing material. Some people place heavy drapes or carpets around their walls. This could work to reduce noise, but it doesn't solve the problem completely.

You still have to worry about your ceilings. On top of that, hanging carpets around the room just doesn't seem like a great idea, especially if you care about the room looking appealing. At this point, you might want to consider a specially designed soundproofing panel that can be attached to a wall and ceiling.

The right soundproofing material can make a major difference. Not only are sound dampening panels easy to put up, but they are well designed. If you want your home theater to look great, then using a decorative wall felt is your best bet.

Soundproofing Home Theater

Sure, most likely you won't see your walls while enjoying a movie or a show since the lights will be off or dimmed and you will be focused on the movie. Still, when your friends or family members first walk in, you want them to be impressed with the look and not feel like they are in a gymnasium with sound bouncing off every surface. Hanging carpets or fabric on the walls clearly don’t offer the same level of a designer look and they are not as effective at sound dampening panels.

At a minimum, you'll want to place some felt soundproofing panels around each speaker. This is where they'll have the most impact. Similarly, there is felt pixel art available that can be added to a room to assist in sound dampening. In addition to felt sound dampening panels, you might want to consider something like mass loaded vinyl. It is meant to add mass to your walls to make it a more effective sound barrier.

You can talk to a sound expert to see if there's anything you can do to try to ensure the sound within your entertainment room is as perfect as it can be. You'd be surprised how amazing a movie and music can sound when you invest a little time in getting the sound dampening in the room just right.

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Angela Dean - AIA, LEED AP

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