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Colorful Kid's Bedroom Makeover

More Colors. More Adventure. More Happy.

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Whether at home or in the office, it’s important to get the most out of your space. That’s why homeowners and business owners alike continue to find creative ways to use their spaces.
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With just a few questions, we can help you learn more about your connection to color and help you develop your very own personality palette with our free color personality quiz.

Brand Logos and Custom Design
In this blog, we’re delving into the world of branding to explore how it can transform your business and help you grow. 
ReWild with Felt Right Wall Tiles
You probably already know that Felt Right is your industry leader for high-quality felt tiles and felt boards that can instantly transform the walls in your home or office. But that’s just the beginning of what our colorful and pinnable felt wall tiles can do for you and your interior space. 
Can Color Change How You Feel?
How can the mindful use of color change the overall feeling in your space? What kinds of emotions do different colors evoke?
Designing Your Own Felt Board to Get Organized this Spring
Our innovative felt tiles can be used to create your own felt board to finally get your life organized.
Organize Your Space With Felt Right
We teamed up with Erin Gaskins, a professional organizer, to learn from an expert how to make spaces and systems that can help organize your life. Transform any room in your home or office into an eye-catching space with less ambient noise. 
How to Make a Vision Board with Felt Right
Vision boards keep your goals organized and easily accessible. This visible manifestation of your objectives inspires change and productivity. 

Transform Your Space

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