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Back to School with Felt Right Wall Tiles

In this blog, we’re taking a closer look at how our felt wall tiles can enhance your classroom. From K-12 to college, felt wall tiles can add warmth to your space and help students focus by absorbing a percentage of unwanted noise. Additionally, since our PET felt is pinnable, you can use these felt tiles to hang up notes, reminders, or student projects.
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Back to school season is a time of excitement for both students and teachers. But as an educator, this time of the year can be stressful as there’s simply so much to do. Have you taken the time to think about your students’ classroom environment? If you haven’t—don’t worry—because at Felt Right we already have. Our customizable, sound-dampening felt tiles can instantly transform walls in your classroom with a splash of color and warmth to create the perfect learning environment for all your students. 

In this blog, we’re taking a closer look at how our felt wall tiles can enhance your classroom. From K-12 to college, felt wall tiles can add warmth to your space and help students focus by absorbing a percentage of unwanted noise. Additionally, since our PET felt is pinnable, you can use these felt tiles to hang up notes, reminders, or student projects. 

Felt Right is your industry leader in state-of-the-art felt tiles and felt pinboards. Our felt tiles come in a wide variety of patterns, colors, and designs to suit your tastes for your home, office, classroom, or any other space. With our commitment to the environment, our felt tile products aren’t just friendly on your walls—but also on the environment. We use the latest sustainable production methods and recycled materials to reduce our impact on the environment. With Felt Right, you can feel good about how you decorate your space. 

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Back to School with Felt Tiles 

No matter your grade level or subject matter, the space where your students learn matters. Ample research shows that the physical space where your students learn will impact concentration, retention of information, and overall passion for learning. From the physical layout of your space to the colors and themes, there are different ways you can work to construct a positive learning environment. 

If there’s one thing that all classrooms have in common, it’s four walls and a ceiling, right? So be sure you don’t forget about your walls when developing your classroom environment this year. Our felt wall tiles can be the perfect answer for these blank walls that lack color and energy. Younger students will love the vibrant colors of our felt tiles and pinboards that liven up your classroom and create a more inviting and engaging environment. And since our felt tiles are pinnable, you can use them to hang up student artwork, pictures, or educational materials like posters, charts, and graphs.


But what really sets these felt wall tiles apart from other options is the unique sound-dampening quality. Since these PET felt tiles actually absorb unwanted noise, they can help students focus and concentrate in the classroom. This makes felt tiles ideal for any learning environment from K-12 all the way to the college classroom. 

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5 Benefits of Felt Tiles for Your Classroom

 There are simply so many reasons why felt tiles can be the perfect wall décor for your classroom. Not only do they add color and texture to your walls, but they’re also practical in that they reduce unwanted noise and allow you to pin small items to your walls.

 Take a look at some of the top reasons why countless teachers are using felt wall tiles for their classrooms:

felt wall tiles
  1. Color and texture: in just minutes, our felt wall tiles will add color and a unique texture to your space. The bright colors and patterns can be a great way to create a welcoming environment, which can be especially important for younger students. Transform those dreary empty walls in minutes with our felt wall tiles that come in an almost endless array of shapes, patterns, and colors.


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Check out this amazing studio makeover by @victoriamakespods

  1. Sound-dampening quality: not only can felt tiles can make your space look better, but they can also make it sound better, too. Our wall tiles are made with a unique PET felt material that actually absorbs excess sound. Our felt tiles have a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of 0.35, meaning that they can absorb roughly a third of excess sound waves. And the more tiles you add to your space, the more noise you can absorb. That’s how our sound absorbing panels can actually make your classroom a quieter space, helping your students focus and succeed. 
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  1. Fully customizable: felt tiles give you the creative control to truly make your classroom a unique space. Use as many tiles as you need to design and build a unique felt pinboard fit the specifics of your space. You can then always add more felt wall tiles to add onto your pinboard design. Since our felt tiles are available in such a wide variety of different colors and designs, like our popular triangle wall design, you can craft the perfect pattern for your students. 
    felt classroom decor
  1. Easy to install: within just minutes, you can completely transform the walls in your classroom. It only takes a few steps to bring your felt board creation to life. Simply measure where you want to hang your tiles. Then, peel off the adhesive tabs and press the tile firmly against the wall. Then, just repeat. It’s really that simple to install your felt tiles to create a unique and eye-catching felt board design. With such an easy installation process, you can even enroll the help of your students for a fun and interactive team-building activity.  
    felt classroom wall decor
  1. Durable and pinnable: not only are our felt tiles easy to install, but they’re also built to last. Made with durable PET felt, these felt wall tiles are tough enough to allow you to pin and re-pin small items like photographs, notes, or student projects. Give your students a chance to show off their best work with these felt wall tiles. The pinnable feature of our felt allows you to turn your walls into a functional part of your classroom. They’re also easy to clean and sure to last you quite a few school years. 

Try These Felt Board Designs for Your Classroom

 One of the main reasons why people love our felt tiles is the ability to fully customize your felt pinboard design. But if you’re not sure exactly how you want your felt board creation to look (or you need some creative inspiration), we’ve got you covered. Check out our Felt Right designs page to browse some of our most popular felt tile designs. 

But what about the classroom specifically? Curious about how other teachers across the country are using our felt tiles to transform their learning spaces? 

Check out this video for inspiration: 

Conclusion – Back to School in Style with Felt Right Wall Tiles

While our felt tiles have been popular for homes and offices, there are many other use cases. Whether you’re a K-12 teacher or college professor, felt wall tiles can be the perfect addition to your learning environment. Add color and warmth to your walls while helping your students concentrate with our unique PET felt material. Our Felt Right wall tiles and pinboards are available in a variety of colors, designs, and patterns to help your classroom both sound better and look better. 

Visit our exclusive My Design page to get started constructing your very own felt board creation today.