Can Color Change How You Feel?

How can the mindful use of color change the overall feeling in your space? What kinds of emotions do different colors evoke?

Every color has the potential to be beautiful in the context of harmonious combination, and certain color ways can be employed to curate a different look or feel in your space. Intentional use of color has the power to change the mood of a room’s occupants, hopefully, for the better.

With Felt Right felt wall tiles, you can take advantage of the power of color to transform any room in your home or office. By understanding the psychological impact of certain colors and color combinations, you can encourage a certain mood in your space, whether that’s a sense of calm, engagement, or relaxation. 

Felt Right is the industry leader in developing the highest quality felt tiles and felt boards. With a wide array of colors, patterns, and felt tile designs, you can easily transform any wall in your home or office into a work of art. And with a natural sound-dampening quality, these felt tiles can even help you control excess noise in your spaces. 

Color Psychology

Whether you consciously realize it or not, color is communicating with you. Color has the ability to alter your mood and inspire reactions. And by hanging felt tiles in your home or office, you have the power to use color as a tool to encourage productivity, spur optimism, or even motivate confidence. But it’s important to first understand the dynamics of color psychology.

Here, we’re taking a closer look at the emotions that can be evoked by certain colors: 

  • Red: Courage, passion, excitement, leadership, love, confidence, strength, warmth, energy, willpower
  • Orange: Enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, stimulation
  • Yellow: Optimism, warmth, confidence, self-esteem, extraversion, emotional strength, friendliness, creativity
  • Green: Health, freshness, growth, vitality, productivity, invigorating, nurturing, connection
  • Blue: Confidence, communication, trust, efficiency, serenity, calm, sympathy, flexibility, grounding, empathy
  • Purple: Power, nobility, luxury, ambition, wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, richness, abundance
  • White: Wholeness, purity, cleanliness, safety, order, hope, innocence, quietude, meditation
  • Black: Elegance, formality, mystery, impact, intrigue, sophistication, prestigious, unknown, versatility
  • Brown: Honesty, stability, maturity, predictability, seriousness, reliance, support

color pallete

Explore the Possibility of Color with Felt Right Designs

See color theory at work in a few of our best-selling felt tile and felt board designs. Ruby makes Metropolitan a statement piece that lends a passionate and energetic air to this workspace. See Metropolitan.

colors and moods

Palm is a stunning ode to nature and one of our newest colors; this muted green promotes growth and vitality in a picturesque cabin getaway. See Wabi Sabi.

effects of colors

Our icy shade of Baby Blue encourages efficiency and calm in an aesthetically beautiful way, perfect for this home office. See Atlas Polar.

Color Psychology

The opportunities for color combination are endless with our beautiful wool-like acoustic felt wall tiles. Consider the feeling and energy you wish to bring to your space and how you can combine shades of our proprietary color palette to achieve that atmosphere.

Start curating your own design in Felt Right’s My Studio design tool or check out our Designs page for color and design inspiration created by our in-house team. Take advantage of the power of color by transforming your walls with Felt Right felt tiles today. 



Written By
Michela Staker, Felt Right Designer
Lori Weitzner, Founder of Lori Weitzner Design