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Our customizable felt wall tiles instantly add beauty, color, and texture to any space. They install in a flash, look amazing, are pinnable, and have sound dampening properties. A perfect solution for apartments, offices, recording spaces, classrooms and more.
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Felt Right FAQs

What Gives Felt Right Tiles Their High-Quality, Beautiful Appearance?

Our felt panels have a warm, wool-like appearance with durable and wear-resistant constructions. Using a high-density, engineered PET felt board, beautiful chamfered edges, and engraved patterns that reflect your creativity, we fabricate our felt wall tiles to your exact specifications. 

How Effective are Felt Right Tiles at Dampening Sound?

Felt Right tiles have an NRC (noise reduction coefficient) of .35.  That means they absorb roughly 35% of the sound they come in contact with.  Felt Right’s tiles often have a noticeable effect on your space’s acoustics, but the level they affect your sound depends on the surface.   

Will My Tiles Work With Pins?

Felt Right tiles work with pins because we make them using high-quality, dense PET felt board. The PET felt board makes them perfect for pinning and repinning as many times as you want.

What Are Felt Right Tiles Made From?

We make Felt Right tiles from 100% PET plastic. Using PET plastic improves our sustainability and reduces our environmental impact. By reclaiming at least 50% of the plastic we use from discarded water bottles, we keep four water bottles out of the waste stream with every 12x12 felt wall tile we use. 

How Do Felt Right Tiles Contribute to Healthy Indoor Air Quality?

Felt Right tiles adhere to strict quality standards and ensure our products  do not contain any red-list chemicals or materials harmful to your health . Our materials have also been tested to confirm they do not emit any harmful gasses into the places where you install your designs.

Where Are Felt Right Tiles Made?

We make our felt panels in-house in Salt Lake City, UT. Our headquarters are located at the base of the beautiful Wasatch Mountain Range,  which provide a backdrop almost as beautiful as our custom felt wall designs. 

What Are the Felt Right Tile Sizes?

Felt Right tiles come in five distinct sizes designed to work together in our Design Studio:

Square (12x12)

Triangle (12x12)

Shiplap (24x6)

Half (12x6)

Quarter (6x6)

Note that the felt wall dimensions are nominal, and exact measurements are slightly smaller. For example, 12” tiles are actually 11 ⅞”. Visit our product pages for their exact dimensions. 

Can Tiles Be Cut on Site to Specific Sizes?

Yes, we can cut our tiles to specific sizes and dimensions using  a craft knife and a straight edge.

What Is the Tile Thickness?

Felt Right tiles are ⅜ inch or 9mm thick.

Do Felt Right Tiles Reduce Sound Transmission From or Through a wall?

Our felt tiles deaden sound transmission from nearby spaces. Multiple customer reviews highlight this benefit. However, we have not fully calibrated Felt Right tiles Sound Transmission Coefficient (STC), so we can’t accurately calculate the sound reduction range.  

Do Felt Right Tiles Meet Flammability Requirements for Commercial Applications?

Yes. Made with material that has undergone ASTM E-84 testing, our felt panels are considered a Class B material for commercial specifications.

Will Quilting Fabric Designs Stick to Felt Right Tiles Without Pins?

No. Quilting designs will not stick to Felt Right tiles without pins. However, many quilters use  pin boards to showcase their designs.

Installation & Configuration

What Is Required to Install My Felt Right Tiles?

We use easy-installation methods for our felt tiles that only require a tape measure, level, and pencil. After aligning your first few tiles, your design should be easy to complete. Most felt wall designs take less than an hour. 

Are Adhesive Tabs Included in My Felt Right Order?

Every order of Felt Right tiles comes with plenty of adhesive tabs for installation. We also provide  a few extra just in case you lose a few.

Can I Purchase Extra Adhesive Tabs?

Yes, to purchase extra adhesive tabs, visit our Shop section.

Are Felt Right Tiles Safe For My Walls?

Felt wall removal is simple and does not damage your walls. Our proprietary, paint-safe adhesives, make them safe for painted walls. Upon removing the adhesive, it releases from the tile, leaving the 1”x1” adhesive squares on the wall. You can then remove the remaining squares by peeling them off with your hands.

How Easy Is It to Clean Felt Right Tiles?

Our felt wall panels are easy to clean and maintain. To remove dust, all you need is a vacuum wand or hose. For spot cleaning, all you need is a damp rag or household cleaner to spray the tiles and wipe them down. For high-traffic, commercial applications, you can disinfect Felt Right tiles with common cleaning products.

Can I Relocate a Tile Once It’s in Place?

Of course. We include extra adhesive tabs in all of our orders. These extra tabs let you reposition one or two tiles during the installation process. If you find you need to move more tiles, you can always order extra adhesive squares.

How Should Felt Right Tiles Best Be Positioned to Dampen Sound?

Sound waves will typically reverberate between parallel surfaces. Because of this, positioning your felt wall panels on parallel walls is most useful to interrupt sound wave reverberation. 

Can the Tiles Be Used in Ceiling Applications?

Yes, you can use Felt Right tiles in ceiling applications. The Felt Right adhesive tabs can also secure your tiles in an overhead configuration.

Can Felt Right Tiles Be Used in Flooring Applications?

You should not use Felt Right tiles for flooring applications.

Do the Tiles Stick to Textured Walls?

Felt Right adhesive tabs conform to most surfaces, including painted cinder block and textured walls.

What if I Want to Add New Tiles to an Existing Design?

You must consider some specific issues if you plan on adding new tiles to an existing design. 

We recently added some slight changes to our finished tile dimensions to further improve their quality.  For example, 12" tiles became 11 7/8."  This is not a noticeable change except when you try to add new tiles to an existing design. If you finished your initial wall panel design before May of 2020, contact customer service before ordering new tiles. 

We experience some dye-lot variations in some colors, which may be noticeable when placing a new tile next to an old one.  This variation is most evident with certain shades of gray. If you order new tiles that fit next to existing tiles, notify us so we can help make sure you don't experience dye-lot issues. 


How Long Does it Take to Ship an Order?

Most orders ship within 1-2 days. Occasionally, lead times may extend to 5 business days for larger orders or if we’re back-ordered on a specific tile.

What if I am not 100% satisfied With My Order?

No problem. You can return your order for any reason within the first 100 days after your purchase.

Felt Right Tiles
Custom Cork Board
Why have cork boards become so popular?

Aren’t cork boards amazing? The incredibly versatile material is just a simple object that lets you keep things organized, display notes and reminders, all of which happen without damaging a wall by poking hundreds of holes in it. Since they were popularized in the early 1900s, cork boards have been used in businesses, home offices, and children’s bedrooms, and as a result, have become staples of the modern home and office space. 

However, here at Felt Right, we feel the time has come to upgrade and improve your corkboard like all the other tools around you have been upgraded. Just like no one is still using a computer from the 1990s, there is no reason to still be using that old, unattractive, corkboard when there is a much better alternative.

Why felt tiles are the perfect replacement for your corkboard.

Felt Right tiles are perfect replacements for your run-of-the-mill cork board – which can be picked apart by uncaring hands or fall to pieces over time. The durable yet cushioned material is perfect for any pushpin, tac, or staple without having to worry about damaging the board over time. They are also echo-dampening, helping minimize sound which frequently reverberates off bare walls. 

But it's more than just a thin layer of cork mounted on a wooden board. It’s a piece of art for your wall. You can design a wide variety of colors and shapes, and it can be scaled to fit any space. You don’t have to compromise by getting a size that’s either too big or too small. Felt Right allows you to build the size and shape you want so you can have a cork pinboard tailored to your space. You can customize your felt tiles with our layout studio, making your cork board more than just a tool, but an engaging background for your workspace. Bulletin boards can be revolutionized, entryways can be given texture and life, and walls can be decorated, all by customizable felt tiles

What is PET felt?

PET felt is made from spun plastic fiber that is pressed and sewn together to create a lightweight, durable material that can be machined into a variety of shapes. It’s the same plastic material used to make water and soda bottles. Our PET felt tiles are incredibly durable and easy to clean and maintain, while looking and feeling warm like wool. 

Each Felt Right tile contains the equivalent of at least four recycled water bottles to create a product that is at least 50 percent recycled content and helps keep single-use plastic out of the waste stream. Sustainability is a core value and we work towards continually reducing the impact of our operations. When we say more than just a felt board, we mean it---we design long-lasting felt tiles that will brighten up your surroundings.

Felt tile cork board replacement

Felt Right was founded to deliver beautiful, textured materials to help anyone create artwork for their wall that can be so much more than just a display. Being surrounded in our living and work spaces by white walls does little for inspiration. All of us benefit from added warmth, color and visual interest in our spaces.  Wall art isn’t just popular – it’s an essential aspect of any design scheme to bring life and texture to our homes and businesses.  Felt Right enables you to combine art with productivity. This powerful combination can have a big impact on your living or work space, transforming it into something that is both liveable and inspiring. Felt Right’s thoughtfully curated collection of colors and shapes is the corkboard replacement that will take your space to a whole new level.

Felt Right’s panels aren’t just better alternatives to cork boards and bulletin boards, but they make amazing display alternatives for conference room magnet boards, break rooms, and offices. Whiteboards, while useful for scribbling notes or making quick drawings, are poor substitutes for a good place to pin up a set of papers or written goals. The customization ability lets you design what you want in the color you want.

Don’t settle for less than the perfect fit for your office. Instead of compromising and getting a corkboard that isn’t the right size, color, or shape, customize your own and make it as much a part of you as the rest of your office equipment.

Where can I use a felt tile?

Felt Right tiles are so much more than a corkboard. Being able to express yourself, show others who you are and what you care about is one of the most important aspects of being. Thanks to Felt Right, expressing your creativity can now be convenient, affordable, and easy.  Use the felt panels to add color and design to any blank wall in your home or office. Not only will they help dampen sound, keeping things calm and quiet, but they look phenomenal! 

The power of felt tiles comes from a combination of design and durability. They are extremely flexible and work well for a wide range of applications including desk organizers, architectural acoustic wall texture, video call back-drops and even cushioning, wall protection. Install a felt pin board in your kitchen to improve texture while optimizing your organizational ability. The felt tile’s ability to utilize push pins and hooks provides a great way to hang up your keys or post notes by your kitchen counter, keeping it clear and clean. You can even attach push pins to the back of safety clips. This simple trick can let you hang clips in any order and amount you need, perfect for holding photos and pictures without damaging them with small pinholes.

Kids rooms and classrooms are also great places for fun felt tile designs.  Kids absolutely love the color and texture that felt tiles add to their bedrooms and classrooms.  Get the kids involved in the design process up front and then engage them in a fun family activity to install the design once the felt tiles arrive so they can see their design come alive in their very own space. 

Perhaps the greatest thing about these tiles is the ease in which they are installed and changed. The wall-safe adhesive which is used to set up the felt tiles doesn’t damage your walls and is so easy that anyone can set it up. Once you’re done, people will think a professional came out and installed it, and everyone will be amazed at how it brings life to your home or workspace.

Are felt tiles heavier than cork?

Due to the compact nature of PET felt, our Felt Right tiles are dense enough to be strong, and durable but also lightweight enough for easy installation and superior sound dampening. Since our tiles are designed as compact shapes to be placed together in countless designs, they are easier to install and simpler to adjust than the usual, bulky, full-sized cork board which generally requires drilling into walls. It’s also easier to cover larger or smaller spaces that don’t typically fit the standard sizes which are provided by large retailers. 

The beautiful material is so easily added and removed from your walls that you can place them damage-free in any room. It’s also better looking than tan cork glued to your wall and doesn’t need to be cut or sized to fit. Our customers have found how simple and easy it can be to hang felt tiles. The sticky adhesive tape which comes with your felt tiles are a peel and stick design which will hold the tiles to the wall. The best part? When it comes to taking them down, the adhesive tape won’t damage or pull the paint from the wall.

How long do felt tiles last?

Due to the durable PET plastic, which is crafted from strong recycled material, felt tiles are built to last. These tiles are strong yet flexible, and lightweight yet compact, and will outlast that old framed cork board that’s been hanging over your desk.

How to pin things to felt tiles?

There’s no need to worry about going out and buying some unique or hard-to-find object to help you pin things to your cork board replacement felt tiles. Pushpins, thumbtacks, or sticky tack work just as well and oftentimes better when used on our tiles to pin notes and reminders. Perhaps best of all, when it comes time to unpin your notes or papers, the tiles still look amazing. Unlike other styles of pin boards made from natural cork, these tiles do not look damaged after they have been used. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t show the specs of old pinholes – an issue that plagues so many other pinboard options – Felt Right’s PET felt tiles are for you. 

Replace that unattractive cork surface pinboard in your office space, home, or room, and set up a felt tile display that comes in different colors and allows you to find the perfect match for your style. With countless design opportunities, you can fill that wall space with something spectacular. Check out our design gallery to get inspired and start creating your very own today.

Creative Ways to use your Felt Tiles

Felt Right tiles are perfect for replacing or creating a unique bulletin board. Create your own unique felt cork board design today!

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