Discover Your Color Personality with the Felt Right Color Quiz

With just a few questions, we can help you learn more about your connection to color and help you develop your very own personality palette with our free color personality quiz.

Color Personality Test

You may not immediately realize it, but colors and patterns play an important role in our daily lives. Colors have the power to influence how we feel and think and even affect our emotional well-being. That’s why it’s important to be thoughtful when choosing the colors and patterns for your space. Whether it’s your home or your office, personalizing your space with color impacts how you feel and interact in that space. 

In this blog, we’re taking a closer look into the world of color and revealing our Felt Right Color Quiz. By learning more about the impact of color, you can begin to design a space that suits you perfectly. 

Felt Right is your industry leader in colorful felt tiles and felt pinboards. We offer state-of-the-art felt tiles in a variety of patterns and colors so that you can find wall décor suited perfectly to your space and your personality. Our felt tiles are also pinnable and provide a sound-dampening quality to improve the sound quality in your space. Colorful, pinnable, sound-dampening, and fully customizable. That’s the Felt Right way. 

Color Personality

How Does Our Color Quiz Work? 

Why is it that red gets you energized? Or why a room painted with particular shades of blue can help you feel calm and relaxed? That’s the power of color on the mind. Color can tap into our emotions and help us connect with the world around us. We’ve designed our Color Quiz to help you find an interior design color palette as unique as your personality. 

With a series of eight unique multiple-choice questions, this quiz will help you gain more insight into which colors match your style, mindset, and personality. 

  • Where do you feel the most centered?
  • What excites you the most?
  • How do you solve problems?

By answering these fun questions and more, we can help you find the perfect color palette for our felt tiles. We’ll match you with a collection of colors and patterns to inspire your next felt board creation, making it easy to transform the walls in your space to set the right mood and tone.

Try out the Felt Right Color Psychology Quiz and discover your personality palette.

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Transform Your Space with Colorful Felt Wall Tiles

At Felt Right, we hate naked walls. That’s why we’ve developed easy-to-install PET felt acoustic tiles to help you transform the walls in your home or office. No one likes staring at blank white walls all day. 

But painting is a lot of work (and even more work if you change your mind about the color), and filling your walls with art and photography can quickly become expensive. That’s why so many people are turning to felt wall tiles. Our felt tiles are available in various colors and patterns to give you full control over your wall décor. 

Since they’re so easy to install, you can complete your felt board creation in just a few minutes. Make it as large or small as you need, and you can always add more whenever you want. This versatility is another key advantage of using felt tiles.

Over time, the only inevitability is change. And as we change, we may need different colors or patterns to fully embrace these changes. Felt Right makes it easy to change and adapt as your tastes and interests change. While the installation process is simple, they’re just as easy to uninstall, and the tiles won’t damage your walls or paint. 

These warm, vibrant, and sound-dampening felt tiles give your walls some love.

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Colors & Personality 

We all have a favorite color, but do you know what that color represents? Depending on the culture and situation, colors can represent a range of emotions and feelings. Red often inspires excitement and energy, while shades of blue can help people feel relaxed and calm. What color represents your personality? Check out how certain colors can influence our emotions and state of mind.

1. Red

Red is often associated with strong emotions, such as passion, excitement, or even a threat of danger. Often used in branding and advertising, red can also drive a sense of urgency to compel shoppers to act — and buy — now. Red is bold, energetic, and also commonly associated with love and passion. It can also be beneficial to use red in a home office as it can provide energy and inspire risk-taking. It’s also interesting to note how colors can play different roles in different cultures. In countries like India and China, for example, red is closely associated with happiness, good fortune, and good luck. 

2. Orange

Orange effectively blends red's energy with yellow's optimism to create a unique and rejuvenating atmosphere. Orange is an exciting color, often associated with fun, creativity, and youthfulness. This makes orange a great choice for a home office, kids’ playroom, or entertainment room. It’s certainly not one of those traditional colors you’d see in a more formal setting. Orange can also be seen as fresh and healthy due to its connection with the fruit it's named after.

3. Blue

Often associated with the natural world, blue can have a calming and tranquil presence. It’s also long been connected to art, royalty, and even the military. Studies show that blue can represent trustworthiness and communication, which may be why so many digital apps like Facebook and Twitter use blue as their primary color. Ranging from dark shades to light sky blue, the various shades of blue can help to calm us or serve as a grounding color.

4. Purple

This color has long been associated with royalty (originally due to how rare and expensive the dye was), majesty, and a sense of mystery. Since purple is considered a low arousal color, it can bring a sense of calm to your space and won’t be distracting. It’s also great for bringing out one’s creativity.

5. Green

Green is an interesting color as it can take two quite divergent paths. Green is often associated with the natural world and the environment. This is where we get the phrase “going green” after all, right? But green can also represent money and wealth. Green has a unique ability to calm and energize us simultaneously, making green a great shade for your kitchen or dining space. The connection to nature can also prove extremely beneficial, especially for those living in urban areas who may not get to see a lot of natural green daily.

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Conclusion – Discover Your Color Personality with the Felt Right Color Quiz

At Felt Right, we understand the power of color. Colors fill our world with vibrancy, energy, and passion. From the darkest blues to the brightest yellows, each color has a unique effect on how we think, feel, and interact with the world around us. Don't take color for granted when decorating your walls, whether at your home or office. Be sure you choose a color palette that sets the right tone and is conducive to how you want yourself (and others) to feel in that space. 

Ready to discover which color palette will work best for your space and personality? Take our fun and quick Color Quiz to discover which colors and patterns suit you best. Colors, patterns, and designs can profoundly impact our moods, state of mind, and overall health. Colors can inspire productivity, boost creativity, and impact the state of our well-being. You may be surprised by the impact of your new color palette. It may not be what you think you want at first, but it could be just what you need. 

When you’ve found the perfect color palette for you, head over to our exclusive My Design page today to start constructing your own office felt board creation.