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With a quick and convenient installation process, Felt Right has made decorating your walls easy. In just a few simple steps, you can completely transform the walls in your space.
Pro Installation Tips for Felt Right Felt Tiles
Installing Your Felt Right Wall Tiles in Just 5 Easy Steps
Using felt tiles in your home or office is a quick, eye-catching, and cost-effective way to instantly add color and warmth to your space.
How to Do a Large-Scale Installation with Felt Board Tiles 
Felt tiles have become an increasingly popular option for home and office décor. Not only do they add color and dimensionality to your walls, but f...
How To Hang and Remove Felt Sound Panels
Some sound dampening products are more of a hassle than they’re worth. However, the beautiful thing about Felt Right’s felt sound panels is not onl...
Soundproofing a Home Theater
The right soundproofing material can make a major difference. Not only are sound dampening panels easy to put up, but they are well designed. If you want your home theater to look great, then using a decorative wall felt is your best bet.

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