3 Designers Remake Their Home Offices With Felt Tiles

One of the biggest changes of 2020 was navigating the switch to home offices as our primary work areas. Get organized in style with felt tiles and more home office wall decor ideas. 

One of the biggest challenges of 2020 was navigating the change to home offices as our primary work areas. Kids, construction, roommates, pets - you name it- have probably distracted you this year. Luckily, we have a solution to the new acoustic challenges that came from balancing our personal and private lives in a work-from-home setting. Felt Right tiles offer the perfect solution for improving sound quality, boosting your organization, and making a space your own.

To show the versatility of our tiles, we enlisted the help of 3 professional interior designers and architects to create custom designs for their own workspaces. With backgrounds in office, retail, and commercial and home design, we picked each designer and architect for the unique perspective they bring to the spaces they work in.

Their chosen spaces – a home office, a studio, and a shared workspace with a roommate – also presented a range of aesthetic and functional choices as a backdrop for their felt tile pieces. With the freedom and flexibility of My Studio, the expert designers crafted beautifully unique creations with their own personal twist.

Here are three important takeaways these design professionals learned in the process.

home office cork board

  • Improve Your Acoustic Performance
  • Noisy environments create stress and tension while working from home, even if you may not notice it. Since we spend nearly ⅓ of our lives working, dealing with excess noise can have long-term effects on our wellness - especially now that for many of us, our offices are in our homes.

    Felt Right’s sound dampening tiles absorb sound with an NRC (noise reduction coefficient of 0.35 - or 35% reduction in reflected sound. The PET material minimizes noises and distractions to help sustain your energy until the end of the workday and ensures that workers have a calm space to focus. With Felt Right tiles, there’s no need to sweat the sounds of roommates or construction next door on your next Zoom call either.

    Architect Sarah Conant of Bromley Caldari Architects created this custom piece for the home office space she shares with a roommate. With the addition of sound-absorbing tiles, the added noise of a shared workspace is now a thing of the past. 

    office bulletin board organization ideas

  • Get Organized In Style
  • Our felt tiles are good for more than just improving sound quality in your home office space. If you’re looking for an organizational solution more elegant than crumbly cork boards, our PET tiles offer the added functionality of pinnability. Whether you’re organizing to-do lists or pinning up your favorite memories, Felt Right tiles build on the utility of corkboard by blending aesthetic design with functionality. 

    Interior Designer Jill Webb (@creativealchemist) her Felt Right tiles for client projects explaining that “We often put together color palettes for clients and projects in this area and the tiles will serve as a great working pinboard. We love the way the tiles unify the space.” 

    Organized spaces that are thoughtfully designed improve our quality of living. Using Felt Right tiles to organize your home office offers a sustainable alternative to cork boards or whiteboards while supporting your work-life balance.


    decorative cork boards for office

  • Make the Space Your Own
  • Aside from the benefits of acoustic performance and organization, Felt Right tiles also allow you to completely transform your space in the way that best fits you. Through My Studio, we made customizing the design of your new favorite wall piece quick and easy. Start from one of our designs, or start building from scratch - the color, size, and texture options are endless.

    HOK Director of Design, Interiors, Bill Bouchey explains how his Felt Right creations have elevated his office, “It replaces a piece of art. It’s in dialogue with the area rug in scale and coloration and the decorative pattern language of the room.” Felt Right tiles never force users to choose between function and beauty. Instead, artful designs are used to support and encourage a healthy workflow that adapts to evolving needs without hassle. As we continue to redefine the future of our workspaces, Felt Right provides easy-to-install solutions to elevate any workspace. Incorporate the benefits of sound dampening, endless customization, and sustainable organization in your work-from-home office conveniently with Felt Right tiles. Workspaces that truly work for you are designed without being forced to compromise beauty for function (or vice versa).


    Already thinking about a custom creation for your own home office? Enter your design in our Summer Design Contest for a chance to win one of three Felt Right gift cards up to $300!

    Sarah Conant- Architectural Designer, Bromley Caldari
    Written By
    Sarah Conant- Architectural Designer, Bromley Caldari

    Sarah earned her Bachelor of Architecture from Pratt Institute in 2016 and joined Bromley Caldari upon graduation. As an architectural designer for the firm, Sarah is involved in everything the company does from schematic design through construction administration. Her enthusiasm for design is contagious and she contributes to both residential and commercial projects.

    Bill Bouchey- Principal – Director of Design Interiors, ASID, FIIDA - HOK
    Bill Bouchey- Principal – Director of Design Interiors, ASID, FIIDA - HOK

    Bill leads interiors client and team relationships in HOK’s Los Angeles studio. He has more than 25 years of experience as a thought leader in workplace, showroom and retail environments, with an emphasis on innovation and brand presence.

    Bill guides clients collaboratively in creating a sense of place and a commitment to concept-based design excellence. His design sense is driven by the belief that interior design empowers people and transforms organizations.

    His work has won numerous honors and earned extensive coverage within the design media. He serves on the editorial advisory board of Contract Magazine and is a frequent editorial contributor and guest speaker on design. He is a member of the IIDA’s College of Fellows.

    Jill Webb and Kirsty Lister- Founders, The Creative Alchemists
    Jill Webb and Kirsty Lister- Founders, The Creative Alchemists

    Jill and Kirsty both born in Britain met in LA and set up The Creative Alchemists 3 years ago. They have over 30 years of creative experience between them. They currently work in domestic and commercial interiors with the pledge to bring their European sensibilities to the Californian market while focusing on color and detail.