Decorating Your Rental Spaces With Felt Right Wall Tiles

It’s time to ditch those ugly, naked walls with our state-of-the-art felt tiles providing a true “welcome home” vibe to any hotel room or rental space.

Decorating rental homes and hotels can be a great way to showcase your creativity, but there are also some challenges. With rooms renovated often, it can be hard to adjust large wall fixtures while maintaining the wall’s integrity for future guests. And with so many rooms to consider, it can be difficult to decorate on a budget.

Women smiling and sitting on bed. Decorative wall tiles are above the bed.

Experts say global travel should fully recover by 2024, making now the best time to prepare your rooms before the inevitable onrush of guests.

Felt Right is your industry leader in state-of-the-art Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) felt tiles and customizable felt pinboards. Our felt tiles come in a wide variety of patterns, colors, and designs to suit your tastes for rental property, whether it’s a quaint Airbnb® or massive, high-end hotel. 

Ordering is easy and convenient with a wide variety of delivery options, short lead times, and on-the-fly quotes so you can scale your order to suit your needs. We ditch heavy palettes for simplistic box shipping and our easy installation process makes it a breeze for anyone to liven up their spaces. No matter the size of your company or the dynamics of your space, our felt tiles can be the perfect decor choice for your needs.

Living room with grey couch and coffee table. Grey, Cream, and Yellow hexagon tiles are on the wall behind the couch. Dining room in the background with Yellow, Cream, and Grey Felt Right tiles on the wall and ceiling in vertical lines.

Meeting The Design Needs Of Your Rental Spaces

For hotel rooms and home rentals, space is often limited in single rooms or suites. Decorations should be compact, and our felt tiles are just that, lying flat against the walls while providing incredible color and function. 

With so many rooms to consider, especially in hotels, decor should also be easy to install. The longer it takes you to decorate each room, the longer it is until those rooms become available. Our felt tiles use quick and easy adhesives to place and stay where you want them to.

Two beds in a hotel room with a view of red rock out the back glass doors. Blue wall tiles are behind each bed and go onto the ceiling above.

5 Reasons To Decorate Your Rental With Felt Right Tiles 

  1. Simplicity

Simply peel off the adhesive tabs and press them firmly to the wall. That’s it. You’ve just installed functional, eye-catching felt tiles on your walls. No more naked walls. Instead, you’ve transformed your rental room into a temporary home that guests will love.

  1. Fully Customizable

Our state-of-the-art tiles come in so many delightful shapes, sizes, and colors. Mix and match tiles to create your own displays right on our website, or let us design a tile set for you.

For rental owners and managers looking to get a little extra creative, Felt Right tiles can even be used to make themed rooms. Cutting tiles to look like tiny houses or other familiar shapes can really add a personal touch to children’s spaces. Our tiles also help you diversify different areas of the living space so that every member of the family has their own special place. 

  1. Durability

Our tiles are made of PET felt, which is a recycled plastic formed from at least 50% reclaimed plastic. Not only is this sustainable, but it forms a durable material that can be used and reused for many years. Here’s a stat to remember: 70% of global travelers say they’re more likely to choose a sustainable accommodation, regardless of whether they were specifically looking for one or not. It also makes it much easier to clean, ensuring that you can keep your decorative displays looking great for every guest.

  1. Easy Renovations

All of our tiles utilize adhesive strips that aren’t just easy to install – they’re easy to remove. While the strips can’t be reused, we always take care to add extras and more can always be purchased. Removing the tabs is easy and never leaves residue or marks on the wall when done correctly.  

Take them off and reapply them as necessary. You can change them up to make an old room feel new, or move them to other rooms while you renovate the older ones. With Felt Right tiles, there are so many possibilities for you to improve your rental spaces or hotel rooms.

  1. Sound-Dampening

Our line of felt tiles are also fully-functioning sound dampeners, perfect for side-by-side rooms – just like the ones you find in hotel and home rental environments. Our felt tiles have a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of 0.35. That means they can absorb roughly a third of excess sound waves. Your guests no longer have to worry about a noisy neighbor and can sleep in comfort in a silent but cozy room of your own design.

Living room and dining area are shown. Mountain wall art is behind the brown couch. Yellow and grey geometric art is behind the dining room table.

Conclusion: Your Rental Spaces Deserve More Color and More Quiet

Felt Right has been a proud provider of eye-catching and sound-dampening felt tiles for commercial and residential spaces. But Felt Right tiles are also a perfect addition to any rental location looking to make their rooms quieter, more colorful, and more hospitable. It’s time to ditch those ugly, naked walls with our state-of-the-art felt tiles providing a true “welcome home” vibe to any room.

Check us out at Felt Right today to learn more about our full line of felt tile products and see how they can change the game for your spaces.