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In this blog, we’re delving into the world of branding to explore how it can transform your business and help you grow. 
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When you see the outline of an apple with a bite taken out of it, do you get hungry or do you reach for your smartphone? These days, most people would say the latter. In essence, that’s the power of successful branding. No matter your business size or industry, branding is essential for connecting consumers with your products or services by creating an idea, a story, and a meaning for your business. At Felt Right, we can help you create a distinct brand with our colorful and eye-catching felt wall tiles and felt boards.


In this blog, we’re delving into the world of branding to explore how it can transform your business and help you grow. We also look at how you can use our felt tiles to create a cost-effective and fully customized branding campaign to share the story of your business with your customers. Branding with felt is easy and cost-effective. Our felt tiles are easy to fabricate, cut, customize, and then print in a wide variety of colors and patterns so that you’ll have a unique and eye-catching brand. 


Felt Right is your industry leader in state-of-the-art felt tiles and felt pinboards. We offer PET felt tiles in a wide range of colors, patterns, and felt board designs so that your felt tile creation is truly unique. Our felt tiles are a quick and easy way to add warmth, color, and texture to the walls in your home or office. And with a sustainable manufacturing process and recycled plastic in each of our tiles, you can feel good about your wall décor. 

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The Power of Branding


A brand can be an image, symbol, name, phrase, or design that identifies one business from another. In our world today, it’s hard to go even a few hours without seeing some type of brand for food, clothing, electronics, or any other product or service. The clothes we wear are branded. The tools we use at work are branded. The foods we eat are branded. In short, brands are everywhere around us.


According to The Branding Journal, branding can be understood as “the process of giving a meaning to a specific organization, company, products, or services, by creating and shaping a brand” in the mind of the consumer. The power of branding is found primarily in its ability to influence behavior and decisions. A brand, over time, can help a business develop a reputation. When this reputation is a positive one, more consumers will be drawn to connect to your brand and your business.


Take Apple for example. When someone sees an iPhone, Apple laptop, or even just the Apple logo, certain feelings and emotions come to mind. High quality. Cutting edge. Tech-savvy. And, most likely, expensive. For the most part, these qualities are what you can expect from Apple products. But the power of branding goes beyond that. With a successful brand, not only can customers know what to expect from your product, but they can also begin to feel a certain way when using it. Tapping into the subconscious by connecting your customers with an emotion is a reason why branding is so powerful and important for any business. 

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Why Use Felt Tiles for Your Branding?


In addition to color and shape, there are so many reasons to use felt tiles for your logo and branding efforts. 

  • Easy to manufacture and print: we make creating your brand easy. Simply send us a file of the felt board design you have in mind and we’ll develop and cut out your specific design. We’ll use your specific brand colors and aesthetics to ensure you have a recognizable and appealing logo and overall brand. 


  • Texture and warmth: move beyond those boring flat posters and add a bit of texture to your branding efforts. The PET felt we use not only adds color to your brand, but also a unique texture and a warmth perfectly suited for any space. 


  • Fully customizable: use as many tiles as needed to create a logo and felt pinboard to suit your style and taste. Combine colors and patterns to truly create a unique brand that’s instantly recognizable.



  • Sustainable: at Felt Right, we work hard to protect our natural environment. That’s why we use recycled plastic in each of our felt tiles and utilize the latest sustainable manufacturing practices.



  • Easy to create and install: compared to other marketing materials, it’s easy to design and install your felt board. In fact, depending on the size of your felt tile creation, you can have it installed and finished in just a matter of minutes. Avoid paying an installation team and complete your felt tile logo with your own two hands. 

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Branding with Felt Right Color

The use of color says a lot about your brand and company image. When used consistently and strategically, it’s amazing what color can do for your brand. Just think about how strange it would be to drive by a McDonald’s and see a pair of blue arches instead of the classic yellow? This personal and familiar connection we feel with a company’s specific color palette is another significant power of branding. 

Thus, when designing your brand (or giving your old one a much-needed update) you need to be strategic with your color design. A quick dive into color theory will quickly reveal just how impactful color can be in marketing and practically everything else. For example, color experts note that using red in your branding can express courage, passion, excitement, and energy. Using blue, on the other hand, can inspire confidence, trust, and a sense of calm.


With Felt Right tiles, we offer an endless combination of colors and patterns so that you can craft the perfect color palette for your brand. Go bold with a single color or design a unique pattern integrating a full array of bright, vivid shades. The choice is yours when you fully customize your brand with felt wall tiles.


Take a look at the unique ways that color can influence your customers:


Red: passion, excitement, love, strength, warmth.


Yellow: creativity, friendliness, optimism, confidence.


Green: health, growth, vitality, nurturing.


Blue: trust, calm, serene, efficiency, empathy.


Purple: power, luxury, ambition, wisdom, creativity.


White: purity, safety, cleanliness, hope, innocence.


Black: elegance, mystery, formality, prestigious.

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Branding with Felt Right Shapes


A unique shape for your logo or branding initiative can truly make it stand out from the pack. But with traditional marketing materials, such as posters or fliers, you’re usually stuck with a standard rectangle. Just look at almost any sports team or major company logo and you’re sure to find that eye-catching logos and brands come in all shapes and sizes.


When developing your brand or logo, shape matters. That’s why our felt tiles offer a distinct advantage when it comes to designing your logo. No matter the size of your felt board, it all begins with one tile. You can add as many felt tiles as needed to create a felt board as large or as small as you need. And since our felt pinboards are fully customizable, the only limit to the shape and size of your felt tile creation is your imagination. 

 Conclusion – Bring Your Brand to Life with Felt Right  

Any marketer will quickly tell you how important branding is to the identity of a company. In many ways, your brand is your identity as it signals to consumers how they should feel when interacting with your products or services. Whether you’re aiming for a sophisticated, fun, luxurious, or practical tone, the right branding can create that story that connects you with consumers.


Effective branding is all about creativity. Don’t settle for the traditional methods when there’s so much to explore. Using felt wall tiles for your branding efforts can transform the identity of your business. Felt Right felt tiles allow for complete customization over your branding and logo so that you can create a unique shape and color palette that tells the unique story of who you want your company to be. Felt tiles can add color, warmth, and texture to your walls, and since they’re so easy to install, you have your felt board creation completed in just minutes.


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