Adhesive Tabs for
Felt Right Wall Tiles

Adhesive Tabs

Adhesive tabs are what allow for our felt tiles to stay securely in place on your walls. Our Paint-Safe Adhesive Tabs are designed specifically for Felt Right wall tiles and make installing and removing your felt tiles easy.

For any extra strength installation needs, try our Commercial Grade Adhesives for long-term tile installation or overhead installation. Whether using our Paint-Safe Adhesive Tabs or our Commercial Grade Adhesives for our felt wall tiles, our easy-to-use adhesives will bring your felt board creation to life.

And if you decide to uninstall or rearrange your felt tiles at any time, our Paint-Safe Adhesives won’t damage your walls or paint.

Shop here if you need additional Paint-Safe Adhesive Tabs or Commercial Grade Adhesives for your Felt Right felt tiles.

Which of our adhesive tabs will work best for you?

felt adhesive tabs

Paint-Safe Adhesive Tabs

  • Easy to install
  • Designed to hold tiles firmly in normal environments
  • Provided free of charge with your Felt Right Order
  • Great for homes, apartments, rentals, and dorms
  • Easily removable from walls
industrial adhesive tabs

Commercial Adhesive Tabs

  • Easy to install
  • Provides semi-permanent bond for longer-term tile installation
  • Required for overhead installation
  • Best for Commercial / High traffic environments
  • Removable with additional effort
  • Best for concrete, stucco, or highly textured walls
  • Option to swap free of charge in Felt Right cart

Still not sure which Felt Right adhesive tabs are right for your felt tiles? Contact us with any questions and we can help you find the right adhesive tabs.

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