Designing Your Own Felt Board to Get Organized this Spring

Our innovative felt tiles can be used to create your own felt board to finally get your life organized.

Whether it’s your home or office, our spaces tend to get cluttered and pretty messy with time. It’s almost inevitable. A cluttered home or office makes it easier to lose important items, schedule your day effectively, and even cause undue stress and anxiety. Almost everyone could benefit from a simple and effective way to get more organized.

What’s our solution? Our innovative felt tiles can be used to create your own felt board to finally get your life organized. Perfect for your home, office, or any cluttered interior space, a felt board is a simple and effective way to transform your walls into an eye-catching felt board that can even help you get—and stay—organized.

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In this blog, we’re taking a closer look at how felt tiles can be used to craft eye-catching, warm, and useful felt boards for your home or office. The unique PET felt material allows you to pin and re-pin any important notes, to-do lists, photos, or any other small items. Customize your felt board creation to fit any space and match your existing aesthetic with our full line of colors, shapes, and patterns.

Felt Right is the industry leader in state-of-the-art felt tiles and felt boards. With a wide array of colors, patterns, and felt tile designs, you can easily transform any wall in your home or office into a work of art. Easy to pin up and install, our felt tile products are friendly to both your walls and the environment as we use sustainable production practices and utilize recycled materials in all of our products. And with a natural sound-dampening quality, these felt tiles can even help you control excess noise in your spaces.

Felt Tiles to Help You Get Organized

Simplify your spring cleaning this year by installing some felt tiles in your home or office. Any wall can suddenly become an organizational tool when you design a felt board that is not only useful, but looks great, too. A felt board instantly adds color and warmth to any space and can be used to pin notes, reminders, and other small items you don’t want to lose.

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Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider using felt tiles to get organized:

  • Pinnable: the unique PET felt material allows you to pin and re-pin small items to the surface of your felt board. This tough, durable material can help you get organized by pinning up notes, reminders, important documents, and to-do lists. Clear out that junk drawer in your kitchen or office and keep important items where you can see them with your own felt board.
  • Color and texture: add some color to your space with felt wall tiles. Available in an almost endless variety of colors and patterns, you’ll be sure to find a felt tile pattern to match your mood and taste.
  • Sound-dampening material: not only do felt pinboards make your space look better, but they can make your space even control sound better, too. By absorbing a certain percentage of excess sound waves, sound dampening felt tiles can actually help you concentrate, relax, and focus on your tasks at hand—no matter where you happen to be.

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  • Customizable: allow your own creativity to shine by designing your very own unique felt board. With so many colors and shapes and patterns available, you’re in complete control of the size, shape, and design of your felt board. Design a small felt tile board in your kitchen for family notes and reminders or design a larger one at work for your entire team to brainstorm on. The choice is yours when you can customize however you want.
  • Easy to install: Within just minutes, you can transform your interior space with these innovative acoustic tiles. Simply measure where you want your first tile, peel off the adhesive tabs, and press against your wall. And repeat. It’s really that easy to install your felt tiles.
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    How to Install Your Own Felt Board

    Another great advantage to using a felt board to get organized is the quick and painless installation process. Within just minutes, you can step back and find yourself admiring your new felt board creation. In fact, it takes just four simple steps to install felt tiles on any wall in your home or office.

    Take a look at how easy it is to install your own felt board:

    1. Level: the first tile in your felt board is the most important one as it helps you line up the rest of your felt tile creation. Use a level or a flat object and mark the top edge of this first tile with a pencil.
    2. Peel: remove the adhesive tabs from the back of your first felt tile. Rub the tab down with a solid object (your thumb will work) and then simply peel off the back on the side facing the wall.
    3. Align: line up the top edge of the tile with the line on your wall. Then, simply lower the rest of the tile surface to the wall in its proper positioning.
    4. Press: press the felt tile firmly against the wall. Just about 30 seconds will do for the felt tile to fit smoothly against your wall.

    And that’s it. Continue this process for each felt tile, and before you know it, you’ll have your very own felt pinboard to help you get organized. And if you change your mind about a certain tile along the way, don’t worry. These felt tiles are easy to take down and even come with a few extra tabs.

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    Conclusion – Designing Your Own Felt Board to Get Organized this Spring

    Do you find yourself continually losing important notes, documents, or other small items throughout the day? Whether you’re at home or the office (or your new home-office hybrid), clutter can cause stress, anxiety, and simply make your life harder. But don’t worry—there’s hope. Using felt tiles to create your own felt board is the perfect way to finally get organized. The durable felt material allows you to pin and re-pin any important notes, reminders, to-do lists, and more. Pin up your favorite family photos or drawing from your children. There are so many unique ways to use these felt tiles and make them your own.

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    Innovative felt tiles are the perfect way to decorate your home or office, allowing you to create a quieter space, add a touch of color to your walls, and finally get your organized. Easy to both install and take down, you don’t have to worry about a complicated installation process or damaging your walls.

    Installing a Felt Right felt wall tile board is a convenient and stylish way to organize your home or office and instantly add a splash of color and warmth to any interior space. Developed with a unique sound-dampening felt, these tiles absorb excess noise and can help you find a little more peace and quiet, allowing you to focus and relax. Since all of our products are crafted with sustainable manufacturing processes, you can feel good about our felt wall tiles. Check out our exclusive My Design page to get started with building your very own felt pinboard for your home or office.