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Felt Right was featured in officeinsight’s February 2022 article, Felt Right’s Acoustic Solutions - read it here:
Talley Goodson, founder of Felt Right.
Talley Goodson knows a thing or two about acoustics. During almost two decades in the industry, he led 3form. Under his direction, growth was unprecedented, transformed from a $2 million company to a $100-plus million enterprise with more than 500 employees. Hunter Douglas acquired 3form in 2007, and Goodson left in late 2019.

Never one to stay on the sidelines, he decided to “retool instead of retire,” launching Felt Right soon after. With products for the consumer and now commercial sector, Goodson’s latest venture brings quality acoustic options suitable for home or workplace to a wide audience.

Started as a direct-to-consumer business, Goodson envisioned broader reach, allowing average users to bring professional-grade, yet affordable pieces into their homes or smaller offices. “I wanted to have a product that was democratized, a little more accessible.”

The Felt Right tiles and boards absorb up to 35% percent of reflected sound. Installing Felt Right tiles just on a single wall will noticeably improve the overall acoustic experience in a space. Goodson noted that users want to reduce a variety of sounds so they can work more effectively at home and reduce their stress levels.

“Suddenly, people have become more aware of acoustic issues. They have always existed, but now people are working at home, they are on Zoom calls all of the time, dealing with commotion. So, a lot of my residential buyers are looking to reduce echo,” Goodson noted.

Felt Right products not only reduce unwanted noise, they are also eco-friendly. Each 12-by-12-inch tile is made from at least 50% recycled PET felt, the equivalent of four water bottles. The pieces are as good for the planet as they are for interiors — by design.


Felt Right acoustic tiles reduce noise in the home and serve as a decorative element.


“I have always been passionate about sustainability, so incorporating recycled content was essential. Our PET is a responsibly sourced material, but it is also really beautiful. It has this rich, wool-like appearance, and yet it is rigid enough that it can be machined,” Goodson said.

He wasn’t satisfied with offering consumers typical, off-the-rack goods and wanted them to be able to generate their own styles. Goodson came up with the Felt Right Design Studio, an online platform that allows users to create designs for their specific project. They can play with patterns, shapes, and colors to make their own acoustic treatments with just a few clicks.


Felt Right products are essential in noisy open office environments.


Goodson noted that anyone can go on the website and see what others have done for inspiration. It’s a tool that combines acoustics and art. “When someone uses the configurator, we ask if we can post their concept on our website. There are all of these really interesting things people have done, and you can see what is trending. We are kind of crowdsourcing design this way.”

Having strong hues in the line was important to Goodson, so he enlisted the assistance of textile designer and color expert Lori Weitzner to devise a palette, with more than 30 shades to choose from. Weitzner, like Goodson, understands that certain tones can not only evoke emotion, but positively or negatively impact a person’s mood.


Felt Right tiles and boards absorb up to 35% of reflected sound.


“Certain colors affect how we feel in a space. If you need more energy or have to relax, then you gravitate to particular tints. I want to help people understand the connection between color choices and how the space is going to feel to you over time. That’s something that Lori is really good at as well,” he added.

Goodson noted that it was only a matter of time before he offered this same consumer-style, streamlined approach to the A&D community. “There wasn’t an official launch of the commercial division. Little by little the idea and the interest gained traction. It happened organically. Felt Right products are up to commercial standards but with residential ease of use.”


Tiles are made from at least 50% recycled PET felt.


With ongoing supply chain issues due to the pandemic, customers across the country have turned to the company for in-stock product and quick shipping. Goodson said compared to the average lead time of 8 to twelve weeks, Felt Right merchandise will usually arrive in a matter of days. “Users can see pricing in real time, order, and receive their tiles in about a week. I feel like other businesses are moving in this direction. It doesn’t have to be complicated just because it’s a commercial product or client.” 

Users can create their own styles with the Felt Right Design Studio, an online platform.

Without a large sales team to manage, Goodson can concentrate on development, continually enhancing what’s available. “We’ve focused on the technology, making work easier for specifiers. They love that they can jump on the website and basically build anything they want,” he noted.

Indeed, anybody can have the Felt Right design team put something together for an interior, but most people like to see what they can dream up themselves. “Everyone loves to participate in the creative process and make something for their home or office that has a personal touch. There’s such freedom and joy in that,” Goodson added.

By Anna Zappia | February 21st, 2022