The Color Dream Collection: Elizabeth Olwen™ x Felt Right

  Introducing the Elizabeth Olwen ™ x Felt Right Design Collection: Where Artistry Meets Acoustics We are thrilled to announce an exciting collabo...


Elizabeth Olwen™ x Felt Right

Introducing the Elizabeth Olwen x Felt Right Design Collection: Where Artistry Meets Acoustics

We are thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration between renowned designer Elizabeth Olwen and Felt Right, bringing together artistry and functionality in a stunning new design collection.

Elizabeth Olwen™ is a Canadian print and pattern designer living in sunny Portugal. Her signature floral and geometric designs are infused with heart and soul. They’re made with the intention of spreading beauty and amplifying joy.

With a focus on elevating interior spaces while addressing acoustic needs, this collection features four distinctive designs: Color Curves, New Horizons, Daisy Checker, and Shape Play.

Elizabeth Olwen wall tiles design

Color Curves: A Symphony of Shapes and Hues

Drawing inspiration from the fluidity of nature, Color Curves celebrates the beauty of organic forms and vibrant colors. With graceful curves and bold, saturated hues, this design adds a dynamic energy to any space while providing acoustic benefits. Whether used as a statement piece or as part of a larger installation, Color Curves infuses environments with a sense of movement and vitality.

colorful wall tiles

New Horizons: Where Sky Meets Earth

Inspired by the tranquil beauty of landscapes, New Horizons captures the essence of wide-open spaces and endless possibilities. Soft, earthy tones blend seamlessly with touches of sky blue, evoking a sense of serenity and calm. This design invites you to pause, breathe, and take in the expansive views, while its acoustic properties help create a more peaceful and harmonious environment.

peaceful wall tiles

Daisy Checker: A Modern Twist on a Classic Motif

With Daisy Checker, Elizabeth Olwen puts a contemporary spin on a timeless floral pattern. The Daisies are inlaid in an inverse color creating a playful yet sophisticated design. Whether used in residential or commercial settings, Daisy Checker brings a touch of whimsy and charm to any space, while its pinnability works to create the perfect board to organize notes and photos. 

Modern wall tiles

Shape Play: Where Creativity Knows No Bounds

Shape Play is a celebration of creativity and individual expression, featuring an eclectic mix of geometric shapes and patterns. From rectangles and circles to geometric curves, this design encourages playful experimentation and endless possibilities. With its vibrant color palette and bold graphics, Shape Play injects personality and character into interiors, and allow the installer full creative freedom of the end result. 

creative wall tiles

Elevate Your Space with the Color Dream Collection

Designed to inspire and elevate, the Elizabeth Olwen x Felt Right Design Collection offers a unique fusion of artistry and acoustics. Whether you're looking to enhance the aesthetics of your space or improve its acoustic comfort, these four designs provide stylish solutions that cater to both form and function. With their captivating visuals and sound-absorbing properties, this collection is sure to leave a lasting impression in any interior setting.