Colorful Kid's Bedroom Makeover

More Colors. More Adventure. More Happy.

Bedroom with ceiling fan, yellow curtains over two windows, and a purple rug. Geometric Felt Right tiles on back wall, photo collage on right wall, and giant number decals on the left wall.

Picture this: your three kids share space in your apartment, where room to play, study during the day, and be creative….are must haves. One of our Felt Right friends turned those design needs into an incredible kid’s bedroom, or as she calls it: “the HAPPIEST WALL in the whole (small) world.”

Mother hugging 3 smiling children in front of colorful Felt Right wall tiles.

Using Felt Right’s online design tool, she was able to create an amazing, full-wall look with diverse colors and shapes. Ordering and delivery were simple, and when the tiles arrived in the mail, installation was a breeze, with paint-safe adhesive tabs and simple instructions to help them through the process.

The end result? Colorful, quiet walls that make every day a little bit more fun.

“Felt Right is a magical company that lets YOU design (layout, size, shapes, AND colors) your own lightweight, sound dampening feature wall made completely out of felt tiles.” Ginny Phillips @making.main.street

Colorful Disney themed kid's bedroom.

See installation video here.