How to Create a Quieter, More Productive Shared Work Space.

  We all know that shared workspaces have become an essential part of many modern businesses. They allow for easy collaboration and interaction amo...


Blue Desk Dividers in OfficeWe all know that shared workspaces have become an essential part of many modern businesses. They allow for easy collaboration and interaction among employees, leading to increased productivity and creativity. But without proper space management, these areas can become chaotic and counterproductive – even cubicle farms.

Noisy distractions, lack of privacy, and visual interruptions can all hinder productivity and satisfaction levels. That's why it's a good idea to consider dividing your shared workspace intuitively with partitions and desk dividers. 

Visually appealing partitions and desk dividers

Using Partitions to Divide Your Workspace.

While cubicles feel outdated these days, partitions can be a powerful way to divide a large open space into smaller, more manageable areas. They provide a greater sense of privacy and reduce noise distractions, allowing workers to focus better on their tasks.

Felt Right’s modular partitions offer customizable, mix and match room-dividing possibilities. With a number of striking colors, they add a beautiful and luxurious look and feel to any shared space while significantly reducing ambient noise, thanks to their incredible sound absorbing properties.  


Beautiful, sound absorbent orange desk divider

The Role of Desk Dividers.

Desk dividers are another excellent tool for dividing shared workspaces. They can be used to create individual workstations within a larger table or desk setup. Like partitions, desk dividers also come in various styles, from simple panels to more elaborate designs with built-in storage and functionality.

Desk dividers minimize distractions by blocking out visual stimuli, making it easier to concentrate. They also serve as a personal space marker, creating a sense of ownership over an individual's workspace. 

Desk dividers, hanging partitions, and noise control tiles in an office setting

The Balancing Act of Collaboration and Privacy.

Employees deserve a certain sense of privacy in the workplace, but they shouldn’t feel isolated. We think a well-designed workspace should strike a balance between collaboration and privacy.

Partitions and desk dividers can be used strategically to achieve this balance. For instance, lower partitions can be used to divide space while still allowing for easy communication among team members. Similarly, desk dividers can be positioned in such a way that employees can easily collaborate when needed but also have privacy when working on individual tasks.

Thoughtfully arranged coworking space designed with desk dividers

Give Your Employees the Gift of a Better Work Experience. 

Dividing space in shared work areas is crucial for maintaining productivity and employee satisfaction. By using partitions and desk dividers, businesses can create a workspace that can lead to happier, healthier, and more productive employees. And isn’t that all just in a day’s work?

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