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Felt Right Product Reviews

With so many different choices and options for any product, reviews are one of the only ways you can set products apart. Felt Right’s reviews tell the rest.
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Love It!

When I saw these, I knew they would be just what my husband needed in his new home workspace. I ordered the sample set so we could decide colors and see the product. Used the samples as a gift for art instructor. We then ordered enough for a space above his desk, and installed them in 30 minutes. I was surprised that even an area of 2'X 4' would have any sound absorbing impact, but it really does. We ordered another round to continue on to the next wall. This is so perfect for working from home!

Cute & Useful - Perfect for my Office

Easy to put up and so nice to have next to my desk for notes. It also looks great, I love the colors!


We are extremely pleased with both of our felt-right products. They look great and help quiet the sound in our very lively rooms.

Office Wall

Excellent product. Install was quick and painless, even though I had to cut the majority of the tiles for the space. I was surprised how thick and solid the tiles were. It was the perfect solution for my office desk cubby wall, which I stare at endlessly these days due to the home office situation.

Love it.

Stylish, easy to install, colorful.

Love Them

I'm using my tiles for a design wall and a bulletin board. They were easy and fun to install. I had to rearrange the bulletin board section a few times due to my own stupidity, and the double-sided sticky squares were easy to remove and reposition with no damage to the painted wall or the tiles themselves. Regular cheap pushpins are fairly easy to insert into the material, which is high quality and will be much longer-lasting and better looking than a cork surface. I'm extremely happy with this purchase.

Moon Blank

Exactly what I needed and simple enough to install by myself!

Better than I imagined

A cinch to install, this design filled a good part of a 17’ high wall. Helped the sound in the room too. I’m sure I’ll find other places that need these. 😉

Easy Peasy

This was easy to install and looks super cool. Not sure how acoustically helpful it is yet, but I love it.

Looks great, easy to hang, soundproofing issues

Everything came as advertised! It was easy to create a chic design and the tiles were easy to hang. Felt Right definitely helped make our loft-like living space cozy and colorful. We were hoping it would block some of the noise coming from our neighbors' adjacent apartment. (We have thin walls.) Unfortunately, it seems most, if not all, of the noise still comes through.

Great looking product, reduces echo!

I was looking for something to reduce echo in my zoom calls, and these really hit a great midpoint between good design, affordable, and getting the job done. They were easy to design and customize, easy to apply, and I think they really look great and work well.

Perfect for my creative office space

I wanted a large bulletin board for my creative home workspace, but was unimpressed with my options when it came to traditional cork boards. The felt panels are high quality, super easy to mount, thick enough for pushpins, and comparable in price (or even less expensive) than the cork boards I was looking at in this size. Plus I was thrilled to be able to make a beautiful custom board in colors I chose! Couldn’t be happier.

Great Accents and Easy Installation!

This has been the perfect edition to my home office. Installation was very easy, and I loved being able to customize the colors of an existing design. Will definitely be purchasing some more designs in the future!

My 5th project! Easy, Practical, Art! (Paintable too)

My 5th and largest project! I wanted to dampen the echo in the room and I was also careful not to compete with our lively rug. Love the result! I reworked my design a handful of times to include tiles we didn't use on prior projects, as well as to have the contrast I wanted. I also tried painting 3 of the tiles successfully (I tried a couple of different paints and techniques on the backside of the tiles; acrylic paint (the kind used to paint on canvas) with some water and an old toothbrush worked best. Water did not negatively impact the tiles at all.)

Combining Felt Murals with Paint Murals

I am very satisfied with my FeltRite order! I used the tiles to create a versatile workspace. I occasionally record voice over projects at home so I appreciate the sound dampening qualities of FeltRite. I also use this space for puppet fabrication and appreciate the ability to hang thing -- tools or inspirational images -- off the FeltRite squares using tacks. I'm giving them 4 stars rather than 5 because of 1) the high cost 2) the limited shapes and sizes available and 3) I felt the colors were not quite what I expected. The saturation was a bit off, even from the printed version of my design included in the shipment.

The best!!!

We absolutely love our new felt wall!!!! We made this to serve as a permanent background for families to take photos. The end result is SO cool!!! We will definitely use Felt Right again and for sure will recommend it to all!!!!

Love love love

I am in love with the mountain design I ordered. It transforms my space completely and expresses my personality in a sophisticated way. It was super easy to install, and I can’t wait to order my next piece!

Absolutely perfect!

We love our Big Mountain, Felt Right installation! I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the felt tiles and the ease of installing them. Our son now tells everyone about his giant mountain!

get look east install

Looks great. Laid it out on the floor and the zip! Up on the wall. no muss. no fuss.

Perfect for pin collecting

I was searching everywhere for a way to display my enamel pin collection on something other than a cork board. These are perfect for pins! They're easy to hang up and I can't wait to buy more in another color when I need the extra space for more pins.

Laundry Room Sound-Proofing

Love these tiles! Such a fun alternative for sound-proofing a space. I designed a pattern to coordinate with my vinyl flooring tiles & I love the result! Loving a quiet laundry room too :)

Great Product, Inaccurate Color Representation

I bought these to deal with an echo issue in my home office. I love the pattern and they went up easily, but I don't feel like the color was accurately represented in the website photos. I went with a monochromatic design, so the color is a big deal to me. To be fair, the name of the color is super accurate. The baby blue looks like it has a little more green in it in the photos, and in real life it is a true robin's egg baby blue color. I definitely like the color less in person, but aside from that these are a great addition to the wall!

Three installations, and we love each of them

We've done three projects with FeltRight now. We added a set of trees behind our daughter's bean bag to make leaning on the wall more comfortable and insulated. Since we are all working and going to school from home, we added panels to the insets on our shaker style doors to help with sound carrying from her room and from our office. It really has cut down on how much one online call impacts the rest of the house. We had to trim tiles for the two door projects, and customer service was very responsive.

You will not be disappointed

I am the video manager at a large church in Virginia and it was time to update the set in our studio. I created a design based on "Baux" tiles which I'm pretty sure would have been ten times as much money than "Felt Right." So I looked and looked and decided to wait and see what was out there. Then, one day I got an add on instagram for "Felt Right" and I immediately went to their website where I was able to design exactly what I had created in my head in about 20 minutes. Then, I was able to order straight from the design without having to count and order exactly how many tiles I needed. This design cost less than $500.

The Box was packed very well and included instructions, lots of extra adhesive, a photo of my design, and the tiles. These tiles are very sturdy. They seem like they will last a long time.

The adhesive is VERY strong. I do not anticipate that any of the tiles will fall off...ever. Also, the adhesive application is simple and laid out well so it's nearly impossible to screw it up.

All in all, I am very pleased will this purchase and will be a returning customer. I can definitely tell that the process from design, to user experience has been extremely well thought out so kudos to this team.

One thing I would LOVE to see are tiles of varying thickness.

Amazing Product

Easy installation great product and quality. Added a lot of visual appeal for an extremely reasonable price.