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Mineral 4Square
A.E. (Chicago, US)
Easy peasy

The design studio tool to customize was super helpful and easy to use. Installation of the actual tiles was a breeze!

Mineral Parallel
Justin Lev (Keedysville, US)
Love this tile!

perfect for my home studio - easy installation!

Oxford Pixel
Scott O. (Lake Havasu City, US)
Home Office Design

Excellent product. We were looking at corkboard, and glad we found your site. Shipping was fast and install easy.

Zinc Triangle
A.L. (Groton, US)
Love this mural!

The mural is so exciting! We wanted something to help absorb sound on a long wall in the nursery. We also love using it as a pinboard to display decorations.

Citrine Triangle
Andrew Gillespie (Philadelphia, US)
Great alternative to typical wall decor!

Great product. Tiles are lightweight but have a quality feel to them. Install of 18 tiles took about 20 minutes. The finished product looks incredible!

Actual tile colors are also true to their representations on the website. Darker colors are deep and the brights are vibrant. I'll probably buy some more in the future.

Nickel Blank
Sara Snuggerud (Sioux Falls, US)
Quilters are going to LOVE pinning their quilts to these tiles!

So easy to pin quilts to these felt tiles. Going to add more tiles to fill up our entire event center in Sioux Falls, SD.

Zinc Blank
Kathryn Del Beccaro (Seattle, US)
My Design Wall

This has been a fantastic solution for my design wall! .. just received more tiles to add to each side of it. The grid design allows me to line things up and estimate size. Recommend it highly!

Mineral Cross
Reva Benefiel (Hamburg, US)

These felt pieces are exactly as described, install in minutes, and the only tool you might need is a level if you like things to be straight. Best of all, they really do work to knock down the sound "bounce" we were experiencing in the office. There is literally nothing to not love about this product! I'm ordering more today.

Aries Quarter
Jay T (Chicago, US)
Looks great! So easy.

We wanted some sound dampening art and these tiles fit the bill fantastically. Will definitely be getting more.

Aqua Shiplap
Denise White (Charleston, US)
Backdrop for Recording Studio

The "Seascape" design is a beautiful backdrop for our recording studio. It also helps reduce the echo and outside noise within the very small space. Very easy to install!!

Aries Triangle
Charmaine Martinez (San Luis Obispo, US)
Great product, but stingy with the adhesive

I used Felt Right tiles to create a pin-board in my office. I ordered the sample pack first in order to accurately see the colors. The design tool is extremely clunky and hard to use, but I was eventually able to create my design and the shipped product was perfect. It's easy to install and the colors are amazing, but the adhesive squares included in the package were not nearly enough to securely attach the triangular pieces to the wall. The installation instructions indicate that two adhesive squares should be used for each triangular piece, but this does not work if your wall is not perfectly flat. Each triangle needs adhesive in all three corners. Even with cutting the adhesive squares into smaller pieces, I still had to supplement with some Command strip adhesives. Come on, Felt Right, for the price, I think you can throw in a few more adhesive squares.

Hi Charmaine, Thanks for your note and the feedback on the tabs. We typically try to put extras in each order but obviously dropped the ball on your order. I will remind the team to make sure we always put extra tabs. We are also happy to send out additional tabs free of charge if you ever need more.
Also, on the design tool, we just launched a new version which which is hopefully much easier to use! Cheers and we do appreciate the feedback!

Citrine Shiplap
Brian Bernstein (Fairfax, US)

I love my new FELT WALL! it livens up my office, and everyone in my zoom meetings asks me about it!

Zinc Triangle
Amy G. (Dedham, US)
Love my new backdrop

My walls were so boring and ugly. I hate painting and needed a quick fix to bring more inspiration to my home office. This install was quick and easy. I love it so much. I picked a design so quickly due to the need to quickly change the look of the space. Now with this installed, I'll think about new designs to either enhance this or replace it. I've considered doing the entire wall!

Nickel Shiplap
Jenna F. (St Louis, US)
So simple... the hardest part was picking a design!

I am so thrilled with my Felt Right Shiplap tiles in my at-home office. I wanted a simple design so as not to be distracting on video calls, and so far I've gotten a number of compliments from coworkers. I originally purchased 10 to be in a classic gradient from left-right, but I decided to play around with the tiles when I received them, and landed on a different iteration. Prior to purchasing, I was worried about ensuring the tiles were level when hanging, but they were surprisingly forgiving and couldn't have been easier to put up!

Zinc Blank
Cynthia R. (Tacoma, US)
Jewelry Working Wall

My design is strictly for functionality and it is fabulous! I’ve restored and collected ethnic jewelry for 40 years. (I could have used this in my retail store!) These tiles are much more substantial and can carry a lot more weight than I originally thought. I have used these in various work areas and they are great for plants as well. Definitely will be adding more as I unpack and set up my new work space!

Latte Triangle
Charlotte Boesel (Davis, US)
Love Felt Right!

We purchased the mountain in warm grays. The assembly was straight-forward. My husband and I worked as a good team, measuring and making sure it would be level. The application of the sticky side was easy. We think it really adds to our living room and now we are going to get some plants to bring greenery into the room. We are also thinking about felting other rooms to make our offices more sound proof. It was a fun project and a cool product!

Slate Blue Parallel
Evergreen Home Buyers LLC (Jacksonville, US)
Awesome product!

We love our FeltRight design! It works great as an alternative to a cork board in our office. It was incredibly easy to install and gives bare walls a pop of color. We will definitely be adding more to our other rooms!

Oxford Triangle
Carl Dierschow (Fort Collins, US)

Super pleased with how vibrant and sharp these products are! And it really does make a big difference to the sound of my Zoom calls - I don't sound like I'm in a box anymore.

Citrine Quarter
Norman Ibarra (Brooklyn, US)
Beautiful and Functional

A breeze to install and made an immediate difference in reducing street noise in my kid's room. The removable adhesive tabs are a godsend. Don't like where you put it up? No big deal, simply pop the tiles off and start again. Easy-peasy.

Fresh Lime Halflap
TIM KNOX (Madison, US)

We had a training room with 2 long walls and couldn't think of anything cool to do. When I saw Felt Right on Facebook it sparked my creativity. Along with a logo decal, I designed a very simple design that everyone in the company loves. I'll definitely order again. I only wish I had thought of this idea!

Jasper Cross
Danielle Donaldson
Love Jasper!

I was waiting for a warmer gray and love my upscale bulletin board for my art studio.

Zinc Shiplap
John Huffman (Lincoln, US)
Amazing quality

Its everything I wanted and it easily allows you to follow the pattern or make your own!

Coral Quarter
Julie Barnes (Albuquerque, US)
Helps with echo

I love my felt right tiles. I have high ceilings and hard wood floors. The echo has dramatically decreased.

Armor Shiplap
Anonymous (Frederick, US)

I love the shiplap pattern / style. It’s cool and drowned out the noise that I wanted to disappear.

Ruby Quarter
Charles Thompson (Omaha, US)
Amazing little felt tiles open up a world of design(er) possibilities

I've always wanted to try my hand at designing something unique for my office...Felt Right provided the perfect "paint" for my wall canvas! Amazing what these little tiles can do when you put them together. The process of designing/ordering online was stellar. Also very impressed with the way it was packaged, and the ease of installation. I'm already working on the next (larger) installation. Thanks for a truly superb product!