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Product Reviews | Felt Right

With so many different choices and options for any product, reviews are one of the only ways you can set products apart. Felt Right’s reviews tell the rest.
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Design Wall

Felt Right tiles installed in my new art studio as a design wall. I am a textile artist, and this allows me to pin up works in progress while I am working on them.

Fast shipping, quick install, quality product

I built a new home office with a tall slanted ceiling and quickly realized that the echoing would be a problem. I did a quick google search for solutions and stumbled on Felt Right. I made a design using their software (not super easy on a phone - recommend computer), placed my order, and it arrived a few days later. Installation was really easy and the felt pads serve as both a sound buffer, and a bumper for my office chair so it doesn't hit the wall. While I made one custom design, I ended up splitting it into two in my office. There is a lot of flexibility with what you can do once you get your design home. Highly recommend!


I saw Felt Right on Facebook ads. I did a lot of research and even consulted a buddy who does sound mixing for a living. He said this would be an great solution for my home office.

They work (and look) excellent! I could not be happier!

Great Wall decor, east order. East install

We moved into a new apartment and had two problems in our home office: a very large white wall and a little bit of noise pollution when my husband and I both were on calls. We stumbled on this product offering a solution to both. The ordering process was easy and the product was delivered quickly. The panels were dense and lightweight. The adhesives were easy to install. The smiley face notes telling us Sam packed our order was great. Our mountain-scape was 10ft long by 8tt high and took about an hour to layout on the floor, add adhesives to and place on the wall. Laser level and working in sections have us a really crisp result. We really enjoy the colors, ease of installation, and the ability to remove the panels when we move out of the apartment. I haven’t noticed much impact on noise pollution, though we’re still filing out the room. Overall happy with the product and service.

Kitchen Mountains!

I have finally got the mountain scene installed high above my kitchen cabinets. I may need a few more on the bottom to "fill" it in. Looks great. I think it helps with the echo too.

Noticeable High Frequency Dampening

We utilized the 12 inch by 12 in squares and placed them in various places within the office, inside cubicles and on large blank wall areas. It has definitely dampened the high frequency reverberation that was occurring in the office allowing everyone to hear better and not feel as if they have to speak louder. The have provided a much quieter atmosphere. Easy to install. Love the product so far!!

Pin Board for Writer's Studio

Great 4' x 8' design for large wall for writer to pin notecards to while planning out a story. Easy to install, looks excellent. Quick turn around between ordering and receiving. Will be ordering again, I am sure!

Office Wall

I have been debating about splurging on this wall for over a year, I finally pulled the trigger and it I was truly the best decision. I created a herring bone pattern to cover the wall in my office, it’s about 8ft tall and 12 ft in length, I’m a little short but I’m going to get missing tiles. After putting up this wall, I went to into a different room to speak to my husband and immediately noticed an echo, I’m now looking at putting tiles/designs in different rooms. These tiles absorb the sound and it’s absolutely wonderful. They have changed my work meetings, my sound is very even and my coworkers love my background, they all started looking at designs for their own offices. I have a French Cleat bracket on my whale and it was supper easy to install and hang on the tiles.

Super Easy and Fun!

I wanted something with texture and color on the wall behind my TV, after searching and not finding anything I liked at the usual home stores, I came across a FeltRight add. I designed my piece easily on their website and they shipped everything the day I placed my order. I received everything within 5 days and was excited to put it up. I think it not only looks amazing, but was so easy to put up! I would highly recommend this to anyone that is looking for something a little different.

Kiwi Cross

Installation was fast & easy! Love the product & the bright colors!

Office Space 808 Refresh

After over a year of working from home, my ZOOM Background needed an upgrade. Inspired by the Roland TR-808, I designed this pattern easily with the Felt Right system. Very Happy Customer.

Perfect find

We were looking for a much easier project than the mountains we had painted onto the wall in the nursery of our old home. This is a unique product, looks great, adds texture, and our son (3) loves it.

Looks great!

Fits the room well, easy to install. Overall very happy with my purchase!

Customer service was very nice and even added a coupon code after the purchase I had forgotten to use, refunding me for the total amount saved from the coupon.

Love my Felt Right Design!

I absolutely love my design! I have a reasonably long entrance hallway with high walls that open up to the second floor. I chose a pattern that adds a pop of color to the space and also draws the eyes up to highlight the open space. I haven't really tested the noise absorption capabilities between the floors, but I am hopeful that it will help a little bit. I love the process of creating the design, starting with one of the Felt Right example designs and then tweaking it to fit my space (extra long) and add more color. It was super easy to install, and I am not handy at all. I will say that removing the adhesive strips is not easy. I removed a few to change around some colors as I was going through the install process, and it wasn't a problem, but the thought of removing all of them from the whole design. Hopefully I never have to do that :)

Office Chic

I LOVE my installed wall! It really helped with the echo in my room and complemented my color scheme perfectly! I wish the photo was better, but I still think it is beautiful, thank you so much, I've recommended this to so many people!

Great headboard

I decided to use these mountains as a head board for my bed and it has not disappointed! For reference, this is a queen bed and a medium size mountain range. Great product, great quality, easy installation.


Not only have the tiles reduced the echo in my office, they brighten the space and add color on boring walls.

Kitchen command center

We needed a way to make a large wall by the kitchen both functional and fun. This was the perfect solution, as a pinboard in the shape of the mountains we love. We have yet to organize/partition the board, but as you can see, it is well-used. I built a stained trim to frame the board and give it more of a built-in look.

Great boards

I bought three boards for my pin collection and they look great!

Awesome product!

Love this product, is easy to install and cut, if needed. The colors are perfect! My client and I did this project and had fun doing it. We put in the basement to help alleviate sound.

Outstanding Product - Functional and Fun!

I purchased two different sets of Felt Right panels and love them both! The first one was a planned purchase and the second was "well, while I'm here....".

I built off of an existing design to create an orange and grey fourteen by three foot piece that serves as both an impactful design element and reduces the amount of sound bouncing off the walls in this large room. It was a process to put the design on the wall but I expected that since it was such a large piece. It took my son and I about 5 hours to install the 125 separate pieces but WOW was it worth it.

The second design is a very simple blue and grey design that adorns the wall by my desk which has helped modulate my voice during endless Zoom meetings and make a great place to pin reminders so I don't forget to do things.

The quality of these panels FAR exceeded my expectations from both a function and form perspective. They are thicker and sturdier than I expected which translates into gorgeous wall art that really transforms the space.

I have recommended these panels to so many people that I've lost count. I'm thrilled with this purchase and am trying to figure out where else I can put them in my home.

Exactly as advertised

Looks great, easy install. Laid design on floor first then applied to wall. Use a level.

Awesome product

Created a new design wall in my quilting room. It is perfect and so much better than what I was using before. Love it.

Felt right tiles are awesome

I created a new design wall for my quilting. It looks great and works exactly like I was hoping. And reasonably priced.

awesome board

super cute design, very easy to install. i highly recommend their products.