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Easy to Install
Felt Right tiles are a breeze to install and most designs can be installed over a cup of coffee. Paint-safe, peel-and-stick adhesive tabs come standard with each order and we always include a few extra for trial and error, so don’t worry about messing up!
“It literally took 10 minutes to change my office wall into something attractive and functional” - Catherine
Follow these steps
1. Level
Measure and level the line of your first tile, usually starting at the center and working outward. Marking the top edge with a light pencil will help guide you along the way. Note: it’s important that the first tile be properly aligned.
2. Peel
Peel off the adhesive tabs from the backing and apply to the backside of the tile. Rub (or burnish) the tab with your thumb or a smooth, solid object, like a credit card, or the end of a marker. Then peel off the "wall side" backer.
See Tab Layout
3. Align
Align the top edge of the tile to your leveled line. This makes it easier to lower the tile exactly where you want it without having to reapply it. If you make a mistake, you can re-stick the tile using extra adhesive tabs included in your order.
4. Press
Press and apply tile firmly to the wall surface, applying pressure for approximately 30 seconds. Ensure that each tile properly aligns with previous tiles.
5. Enjoy
Relax and take in your new, improved space. Enjoy the visual texture, color, and improved sound – and don’t forget to pin up something that inspires you! You may want to vacuum your felt tiles about once a year. If something wet gets on the tile, simply dab it clean with a dry or damp cloth.
Cutting Instructions
Felt Right tiles cut fairly easily when using a sharp craft knife to make custom shapes. The chamfered channels make especially good guidelines, and the felt tiles cut easily along existing patterns. Your tiles can also be cut into custom shapes outside pattern grooves, but this requires a bit more care. If you decide to cut your Felt Right tiles, we recommend using a sharp straight blade with a metal straight edge as a guide. Place the tile on a blade-safe surface and cut with smooth, firm pressure.
Adhesive Tabs
Felt Right’s new Paint-safe Adhesive Tabs won’t damage your walls
Safely Remove Tiles
Felt right tiles can be removed or repositioned without damaging paint.
1. Remove
Gently but firmly remove the tile from the wall, one corner at a time. This will leave the 1” x 1” adhesive tabs remaining on the wall.
2. Roll
Using your thumb, roll each adhesive tab off of the wall surface, leaving your wall clean and undamaged.
Easy to clean and maintain
Our tiles are: made from 100% PET, naturally stain resistant, and easy to clean.
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