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NEW! Felt Right Paint-Safe Adhesive Pack (Pack of 10)

**Please note all Felt Right orders are shipped with sufficient adhesive tabs for your tiles. In case you desire to remove and re-install your tiles, or if you need additional adhesive tabs, order here.

This bundle contains 10 Felt Right Adhesive Sheets, each with 4 1"x1" adhesive squares. This is enough for 10 12x12 Tiles.

Felt Right paint-safe adhesive tabs make both installing and removing your tiles a cinch! Designed specifically for Felt Right Tiles, these double-sided, peel-and-stick, adhesive tabs are designed to firmly adhere to your tile as well as your wall creating a secure bond. Upon removal, the tiles are first pulled off, leaving the tabs attached to the wall. The tabs are then rolled off with your thumb allowing for removal without damaging paint. Installation is as easy as sticking the recommended number of tabs on your tile, then applying the tile to the wall.

Felt Right adhesive tabs also work on a variety of wall types including textured walls and painted dry-wall. For installation on cinderblock, concrete, or for semi-permanent installation, view our commercial strength adhesive tabs. 

Please review the Installation section of the website for detailed installation and removal instructions. Not following proper uninstallation techniques may result in damage to your wall. 

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