felt tiles peel and stick adhesive set

Felt Right Removable Adhesive Pack (40 Individual Tabs)

**Please note all Felt Right orders are shipped with sufficient adhesive tabs for your tiles. In case you desire to remove and re-install your tiles, or if you need additional adhesive tabs, order here.

This bundle contains 10 Felt Right Adhesive Sheets, each with 4 1"x1" adhesive squares. This is enough for 10 12x12 Tiles.

Felt Right paint-safe adhesive tabs make both installing and removing your tiles a cinch! Designed specifically for Felt Right Tiles, these double-sided, peel-and-stick, adhesive tabs are designed to firmly adhere to your tile as well as your wall creating a secure bond. Upon removal, the tiles are first pulled off, leaving the tabs attached to the wall. The tabs are then rolled off with your thumb allowing for removal without damaging paint. Installation is as easy as sticking the recommended number of tabs on your tile, then applying the tile to the wall.

Felt Right adhesive tabs also work on a variety of wall types including textured walls and painted dry-wall. For installation on cinderblock, concrete, or for semi-permanent installation, view our commercial strength adhesive tabs. 

Please review the Installation section of the website for detailed installation and removal instructions. Not following proper uninstallation techniques may result in damage to your wall. 

Sound Dampening
Sound Dampening

Life is loud; your space doesn’t need to be. Excess noise can lead to increased stress levels, fatigue, and irritability. In certain instances, loud and noisy environments create significant barriers for individuals who are more sensitive to sounds or suffer from sensory processing disorders (SPD).

Felt Right tiles are designed to significantly reduce noise and echo in both living and work spaces.

Each of our ⅜” Felt Right tiles act as a sound barrier on your walls. The fibrous nature of the tiles absorb 35% of sound waves they come in contact with. Felt Right tiles have an NRC rating of 0.35.

Visit our Acoustic Calculator to see the suggested acoustic coverage for your specific space.

Felt Right is committed to creating sensory inclusive environments for all individuals and partners with the non-profit, Kulture City, to create sensory accessibility for individuals with invisible disabilities.


Felt Right tiles are made from high-quality, dense PET felt, which makes them simply perfect for pinning and repinning! Put your memories and to-do lists front and center with standard push pins or clips.

If you’d like to hang anything heavier than a photo or calendar on your tiles, you will need to apply a construction adhesive between the tile and wall. Some customers install their tiles around an object (like a tv) and others will drill through the tiles into the drywall.

Easy to Install
Easy to Install

Felt Right tiles can be installed easily with the instructions and adhesives provided in addition to a level, a tape measure, and a pencil.

For a successful installation experience please refer to both the instruction sheet included in each order as well as our installation video.

Be sure to add our Spacer Tools to cart if your design includes 1” negative space.

Our default adhesive tab is our removable tab. To remove this type of tab, carefully pull off the tile, leaving the adhesives on the wall. Starting in the corner, roll the adhesive down and pull it off of your wall. Our adhesives are single use, but the tiles can be reused over and over again.


Felt Right is committed to keeping single-use plastic out of the waste-stream and our oceans.

Each Felt Right tile is made of 50% post-consumer PET plastic. This means that each 12”x12” tile is made up of 4 recycled water bottles.

We also partner with the Ocean Conservancy to help protect our oceans and prevent marine pollution.

Felt Right also tests and certifies our tiles as conducive to healthy indoor environments.

Commercial Grade
Commercial Grade

Felt Right tiles have a Class A fire rating and do not emit any harmful chemicals. We offer Commercial Grade adhesives for semi-permanent installations and recommend a construction adhesive like Liquid Nails, Dyna Grip, or Loctite for permanent installations.

  • Felt Right materials 100% contract-grade and perfect for commercial applications including:
  • K-12 and Higher Education
  • Offices and co-working spaces
  • Healthcare environments
  • Hospitality
  • Sports and fitness
  • Podcasting and recording studios

Felt Right works closely with architects, designers, contractors and end-users. We have in-house design and project support capabilities to make your project a success. We offer fast lead times, transparent pricing, and a full array of custom cuts and printing capabilities.


Olga K.

This is our third purchase from Felt Right. With this one, we both needed sound dampening and also wanted minimal visual texture that would make the wall a bit more interesting, but not too distracting. This worked great :)

Olga K. 04/21/24
Lexie B.

What a fun concept! Our office is always looking for ways to socialize in the office! It was easy to install and its a great addition to our bare wall.

Lexie B. 04/3/24
Vicki C.

These's are adorable and couldn't be any easier to hang.
I would recommend them and plan to order more for another area I have.

Vicki C. 04/26/24
Natalie S.

I never write reviews, but I am SO OBSESSED with the felt right products!!! The design process was so fun and I was so happy when the product arrived and everything looked just the way I designed it. Putting it up on the wall was extremely easy and now I have this beautiful and unique way to display all my polaroid photos!

Natalie S. 03/12/24
John G.

These worked great for a wall we were looking to add some art to. The design fit perfectly and was really easy to install. We customized the colors a little.

John G. 01/2/24
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