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Pencil Planner Bulletin Board

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The Pencil reigns! This design works as a weekly planner or bulletin board. If you use the wood and eraser it makes a perfect 7-day planner or 5 days on yellow.

Felt Right Tiles are the perfect solution to add texture, warmth, and acoustics to any wall in your home, office or classroom.  Semi-rigid tiles are durable, resilient, tack-able, and easy to install.  Beautifully chamfered edges meet to create a seamless effect along with a sophisticated, dimensional appearance.  Rich, warm texture has the appearance of wool. 

Felt Right tiles are ideal for high traffic areas as they are both durable, stain resistant and easy to clean with a damp rag and/or vacuum hose. 

A beautifully curated collection of colors, shapes and engraved textures can be combined to create an endless range of stunning combinations! 

Pin up notes, photos, to-do lists or anything else to make your ideas, priorities, memories or inspiration visible to yourself and others.

Tiles ship in a box and are easy to install with Felt Right's Smart peel & stick adhesive tabs.

Add to cart as-is or customize in the Design Studio.

What this bundle contains:
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Citrine Yellow - blank
Ruby Red - Blank
Cashmere Tan - blank
Ebony Black - slash
Armor Light Heathered Grey - 4square