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Felt Tile Samples

When it comes to your own home or office, there’s nothing like seeing our products up close and personal. That’s why we’re proud to offer a full range of color samples shipped straight to your door. Experience the crisp edges and subtlety of every color in the natural light of your own space. And each sample comes with our signature chamfered edges so you can see the seamless design at work for yourself.
zinc felt sample
nickle felt sample
moon felt sample
armor felt sample
mineral felt sample
cast felt sample
ebony felt sample
citrine felt sample
aries felt sample
ruby felt sample
rasberry felt sample
lavender felt sample
baby blue felt sample
sky felt sample
cayman felt sample
admiral felt sample
oxford felt sample
kiwi felt sample
fresh lime felt sample
emerald felt sample
aqua felt sample
coral felt sample
porcelain felt sample
latte felt sample
cashmere felt sample
timber felt sample
The Felt Right Sample Pack
Whether you’re building a design library, or you just love having all your options at your fingertips, you can get all 24 sample tiles in one convenient delivery! As a bonus, we will include enough adhesive tabs to create your own mini rainbow pin board—check it out!
Sample Pack
Order Individual Samples
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Sample Dimensions: 2in x 8in

Each color sample lets you experience the texture, richness, and color up close, along with our distinctive chamfered edges for seamless connection. Be sure to pick up a few to see how they fit together – and can BRING together – your next design!

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