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A Pinboard for the Modern Age
Technology changes, transforming the way we live, the way we work, and the way we communicate. Isn’t it about time that the way we organize our space changes as well? Felt Right has risen to that challenge and has created a felt tile which is the perfect pinboard for the modern home and office. Our simple design is easy to install, vastly customizable, and expertly crafted for color and beauty. It’s time to set aside that unattractive corkboard and elevate your space with felt right tiles and introduce great colors, great quality, with easy application to your space.
Organization Without Limit

Our Felt panels are perfect for everyone. Whether it be our offices at work or at home, staying organized with the amounts of notes and papers we are constantly keeping track of can be a struggle. People have tried utilizing a wide variety of options to try and solve this problem and while functional, they are often less than the ideal solution. Pinboards have been a popular solution, often made as a corkboard which over time breaks apart and crumbles. On top of breaking apart, they are not attractive and made from low quality material. Everyone likes durable equipment, especially when it comes to their work and efficiency.

Durability is lacking in most products today. Nothing is more frustrating than spending money on a new pinboard or organizer only to find it breaks apart and needs to be replaced in a matter of weeks. Constantly purchasing replacements or shelling out more money than necessary is frustrating and despite which you choose, every time you look up at your wall, you will be faced with a reminder of that frustration.

The combination of recycled products and durable materials, Felt Right makes products that last without breaking the bank. Our tiles are durable, lightweight, and simple to install. Check out the design studio to begin creating your own.

Felt Right, Quality Meets Affordable

Anyone looking for the right pinboard already knows that if you are looking for something nice, it will be expensive, and if you're looking for something cheap, it will be unattractive. Even if you find something that meets the right price, you are still extremely limited in your choice of color and size. Felt Right is the solution to all of these problems. Felt Right felt tiles are affordable. You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for a nice looking pinboard to hang above your desk and you don’t have to compromise by getting something too large or too small. Each piece is designed by you in our creative studio, so you only pay for what you need. This means no excess and no restraints. With Felt Right, you truly do get what you pay for and that means quality and durability in every piece.

Our product’s design is available in five basic shapes, each shape customizable in five different patterns, and offered in twenty-four different colors. All together, Felt Right’s tiles offer 600 combinations of just color and shape. These shapes can be used to build countless designs and cover any space. Bring to life any pinboard you can imagine and make something you know you’ll love.

The beautiful material is so easily added and removed from your walls that you can place them damage free in any room. It’s also better looking than tan cork glued to your wall and doesn’t need to be cut or sized to fit.

Functional Panels Perfect For Your Office and Workspace

Felt Right has the solution to this problem. Our felt tiles are perfect replacements for your run of the mill pinboard. They are perfect because the durable yet cushioned material is perfect for any pushpin, tac, or staple without having to worry about damaging the board over time. They are also echo-dampening which will help minimize sound which frequently reverberates off bare walls.

But its more than just a pinboard, it is a piece of art for your wall. You can design a wide variety of colors, shapes, and it can be scaled to fit any space. You don’t have to compromise by getting a size that is either too big or too small. Felt Right allows you to build the size and shape you want so you have the pinboard tailored to your space. You can customize your felt tiles with our layout tool. Make your pinboard more than just a tool, make it a background for your workspace. Bulletin boards can be revolutionized, entryways can be given texture and life, walls can be decorated, all by customizable felt tiles.

Felt Right is focused on delivering a textured piece to help anyone create artwork for their wall that can be so much more than just a display. Being surrounded in our offices by white walls does little for inspiration. We prefer to look at interesting things. Wall art isn’t just popular, but it is almost required to bring life and texture to any home or business. With Felt Rite, you get to combine art with productivity. This incredible combination can revolutionize your workplace, turning it into what you’ve always wanted it to be. Felt Right will get you the pinboard you need that looks good when it’s used and when it’s not.

Felt right’s panels aren’t just better alternatives to corkboards and bulletin boards, but they make amazing display alternatives for conference room magnet boards, break rooms, and offices. Whiteboards, while useful for scribbling notes or making quick drawings, are poor substitutes for a good place to pin up a set of papers or written goals. The customization ability lets you design what you want in the color you want.

Don’t settle for less than the perfect fit for your office. Instead of compromising for a pinboard which isn’t the right size, color, or shape, customize your own and make it as much a part of you as the rest of your office equipment.

Why Felt Right is perfect for your home?

Felt Right felt panels go far beyond simple wall decorations. They make perfect memo boards for your kitchen, corkboard replacements for your home den or office, and can even provide a perfect bulletin board.

From students to professionals, from parents to grandparents, having a place to pin things is a necessity. But how great would it be to have something nice looking in the stead of your old corkboard? When we no longer need those sticky notes, papers, or postcards, we take them down and often go weeks without replacing them. What could be better than having a wall decoration that was both a piece of art and a functional bulletin or pinboard?

What else can you do with a Felt Right pinboard?

A product that is so much more than a pinboard. Being able to express yourself, show others who you are and what you care about is one of the most important aspects of being. Expressing your creativity is made convenient, affordable, and easy. Use the felt panels to add color and design to your blank walls in your home. Not only will it help dampen sound, keeping things calm and quiet, but it looks phenomenal. Perhaps the greatest thing about these tiles is the ease in which they are installed and changed.

The power of the felt tiles comes with its combination of design and durability. They are extremely flexible and work well for desk organizers, architectural acoustic wall texture, and cushioning effect.

The wall safe adhesive which is used to set up the fannel tiles doesn’t damage your walls and is so easy that anyone can set it up. Once you’re done people will think a professional came out and installed it and everyone will be amazed at how it brings life to your home or workspace.

Keep a felt panel in your kitchen to improve texture while optimizing your organizational ability. The felt tile’s ability to utilize push pins and hooks provides a great way to hang up your keys or post notes by your kitchen counter keeping it clear and clean. You can even attach push pins to the back of safety clips. This simple trick can let you hang clips in any order and amount you need, perfect for holding photos and pictures without damaging them with small pinholes.

Design Yours Today

The possibilities are endless and you are just a few clicks away from turning one of your ordinary walls into something much more. If you are looking for ideas to get started, here are several examples of creative things you can do in your home to make living there more beautiful and organized. Also, enter our design studio and start creating the perfect set now.

Also, check out what our customers are saying about Felt Rite tiles as a solution for their home and office needs.

What our customers are saying