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Beautiful, full-sheet room dividers that provide privacy, sound-dampening, and color to any space. Dimensions: 42.5 in x 90.5 in
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Create Privacy
Reduce Sound
Beautiful Designs
Free Shipping
Easy Installation
Sustainably Made
Create Privacy

Office space design affects our wellbeing at work. Enhance focus and productivity in open concept spaces with thoughtfully designed partitions.

Felt Right room dividers dampen sound and offer intentional structure to open concept spaces without compromising aesthetics. Customize the look of your space by choosing from 35 beautiful colors and five unique engraving options.

Reduce Sound

Notice an immediate difference in ambient sounds levels resulting in increased concentration and lessened fatigue. Felt Right room dividers have an NRC (noise reduction coefficient) of .35, meaning they absorb 35% of noise.

Beautiful Designs

Organize your most important documents and photos with Felt Right’s durable, pinnable material. Don’t worry about leaving a mark – just scrape the area around the pinhole to cover the indent.

Free Shipping

Felt Right room dividers are folded along 2 score lines which allows them to be folded and shipped in a 32” x 45” corrugated package. If you are ordering larger quantities for a commercial project, we can also ship dividers flat on a pallet.

Easy Installation

Felt Right room dividers ship complete with cable suspension hardware for either flat ceiling or drop ceiling attachment.

Sustainably Made

Each room divider is made from at least 50% recycled single use plastic. One square foot of material uses four recycled water bottles. Our production process focuses on reducing waste and remaining sustainable.

Reduce Noise
Fewer Distractions
Reduce Noise
  • A beautiful way to make open concept workspaces more functional.
  • Reduces sound and echo for a better working environment.
  • Minimizes distractions from surrounding areas.
Mix and Match
Inspired Aesthetics
Make it Your Own
  • Choose from 35 colors and a variety of designs and patterns.
  • Mix and match colors when you purchase two or more panels
  • Luxurious look and unique texture.
Easy Assembly
Hardware Included
Easy Installation
  • Felt Right partitions come complete with hardware and materials to transform your space in minutes.
  • Adjustable clamps fit up to 3/4 inch thick desktop
  • Hardware available in white and silver


Emily M.

Easy to design and install! I’m so pleased with the look of it.

Emily M. 08/22/23
Joshua P.

We used these for an accent wall in our echoey kitchen. They actually make a difference for the sound and look beautiful! They were super easy to install and cut.

Joshua P. 08/21/23
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