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salt mine productive workspace

Welcome to Salt Mine: a 20,000 square foot co-working space located on the Wasatch Front. The owner wanted to improve acoustics while introducing fresh, new visual events into various shared spaces such as meeting and recreation areas. The goal: create a higher-quality environment to support more members conducting video calls while leveraging increased acoustical privacy.
Case Study Needs
Problem | Needs:
Sound-absorption: reduce reverberation time to within the recommended range for speech intelligibility, create an environment conducive to effective working
Color and aesthetic: incorporate accent colors and dynamic patterns to create visual interest
Color theory: warm neutrals introduce a color temperature that translates to physical temperature, bright kiwi green promotes energy and focus
Brand Colors:
Brand Colors
  • Owner interview: surveyed the owner to determine spacial uses and needs
  • Measurements and design prep: measured applicable spaces and utilized samples and interior furnishings/finishes to compare colorways, inspiration
design salt mine tile
Design Development:
  • Design: create initial design ideas, mockups, elevations, etc.
  • Client approval
wall tiles for salt mine
Final Core Design Breakdown
16ft x 3ft
Design Breakdown:
Aries Hex
Kiwi Hex
Mineral Hex
Nickel Hex
innovative wall tiles
Salt mine wall tiles
Base Design
Salt mine base tile
Front room full-wall installation: sound-absorption in an area with floor-to-ceiling windows, in an area with great natural light that can be utilized for headshots
Open central area hex installation: sound-absorption in an auditorium setting, bold graphic focal point
Ping pong/conference room: lessen sounds coming from within the room during use, provide an interesting graphic
Solitude room: corner design installation to absorb sound in a room primarily meant for silence/focus
Final Look
full wall installation
corner wall tile installation
sound absorption wall tiles
productive workspace Tiles
full-wall installation Tiles
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