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Vega Collegiate academy

Felt Right was proud to partner with Vega Collegiate Academy, a Colorado-based charter school with a focus on creating academic opportunities for students with a wide range of economic backgrounds. Our collaboration was based on a renovation and re-purposing of an existing building to serve as a new home for the school, by creating a dynamic environment which utilized high-performing materials that helped with organization, acoustics, and the elegant display of student work.
Case Study Needs
Problem | Needs:
Organization/pinnability: a place to pin classroom content, feature student work, etc.
Sound-absorption: reduce reverberation time to within the recommended range for speech intelligibility, create an environment conducive to effective learning
Color and aesthetic: incorporate bright and dynamic colors to create visual interest
Color theory: shades of blue promote a calming and relaxing effect, these are paired with a complimentary vibrant orange to promote optimism and energy
Brand Colors:
Brand Colors
  • Client interviews: survey the users of the space in order to gather individual insights
  • Budget: take measurements, calculate budgetary limits
  • Code analysis: determine if our fire rating, NRC, etc. are suitable for the project
redefine wall tile
Design Development:
  • Adjacency matrices: sketch out a matrix that details the relationship between rooms to make a case for which rooms/shared walls require sound-absorption
  • Criteria matrices: can combine with adjacency matrix to document specific needs or characteristics of each room (see example below)
wall tile core design
Final Core Design Breakdown
16ft x 3ft
Design Breakdown:
Armor Shiplap (8)
Baby Blue Shiplap (16)
Admiral Square (16)
Oxford Shiplap (8)
Vega Collegiate Academy wall tiles
office wall tiles
Base Design
carpet tiles
Classrooms: installations lower to the ground for students to interact with, near group meeting areas (spots for cubbies, reading corners, etc.) for sound-absorptive properties, vibrant colors for visual interest
Hallways: installations outside classrooms to absorb reverberation in tandem with carpet tiles, a place to feature student artwork, classwork, announcement, etc., vibrant colors and patterns inspired from the existing carpeting and interior finishes
Offices/Breakrooms/Conference Rooms: installations for organizational needs and sound-absorption for shared walls and offices
Cafeteria: large hexagonal installations used to absorb sound in a space with many users and highly reflective surfaces
Final Look
organization wall tiles
classroom Tiles
student room Tiles
classroom Tiles
student room Tiles
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