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Felt Tile Designs for Your Living Space

You should be able to enjoy your movies and read a book in peace without noise from your neighbors polluting your living space. You should also have decorations that bring a sense of excitement to your life, not one of emptiness. Felt Right's acoustic panels ensure your living room is the sanctuary you always dreamed of.
Our felt wall panels have a noise reduction coefficient of 0.35, incorporate simple installation techniques, and utilize a wealth of design options that ensure you can be proud of your creativity. They turn your living space into the centerpiece of your home.
No matter your design preferences, we have something just for you.
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No matter your design preferences,
we have something just for you
Felt Right's Acoustic Panels
When trying to create a peaceful environment for your living space that you can both relax in and entertain guests, one of the first steps should be trying to reduce unwanted noise. Felt Right's acoustic panels can provide the perfect environment to entertain your guests while ensuring that you retain a peaceful, productive environment that you can relax in.
Felt Right's Easy Installation
You shouldn't have to spend hours hanging up your living space decorations. Between furnishing the space and incorporating different design elements, decorating your living space can be time consuming. Felt Right is the exception to this rule, a weight off your shoulders during the planning process that reminds you decorating your living space doesn't have to be complicated and lengthy. You can install your Felt Right living space design in less than an afternoon. With our simple adhesive tabs, installation doesn't require numerous tools and you can complete your installation using a level and your bare hands. With Felt Right, you can curl up on the couch, read a book, and enjoy a glass of wine in no time.
Add to Your Living Room Decorations With Aesthetically Pleasing Panel Designs
A piece of all of us longs for that air of sophistication a beautiful work of art brings to our living space. Why keep your walls barren and boring when you can have a gorgeous design of your own choosing that brings attention to your living space? Felt Right is here to make you feel fancy and cozy in your living room once more. Just check out these gorgeous designs that will wow your guests when they visit and provide a sense of calm when you're relaxing in your living room.
Amazing! Rainbow Angles II
I love my new Felt Right wall! I found the design I wanted but needed to scale it larger. I chatted with a rep to help me scale my design and he was able to turn it around to me in less than 30 minutes. I made minor color change adjustments. I ordered it on Tuesday, it was mailed on Wednesday, I received it today (Saturday) and it took me and my son only 2 hours to put it up. It is such a statement piece in my mid century contemporary living room. It was just what I needed in that space!!
Cottage wall installation
Love it. This was my third installation!
Blown away
When we received the aqua triangle pattern we were blown away with the quality of the felt. The pattern was very easy to follow, and we set it up in under 30 mins. Now all our friends are jealous of our dining room.
Tie Your Living Room Together With Felt Right Acoustic Panels
Felt Right's acoustic panels can breathe life into any living space. Whether you're looking for a focal point for your kitchen or entertainment space, Felt Right has plenty of options to choose from and you can also design your own felt tile work of art. After all, there's nothing like making your living space uniquely your own with a tinge of your creativity.

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