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Benefits of Felt Wall Tiles
for Your Kids Room or Classroom
A Quieter Space:
The innovative PET felt material can cut down on unwanted noise by absorbing excess sound waves. This alone makes felt tiles the perfect choice for a playroom, kids' room, or classroom. Our felt tiles allow for better focus, concentration, and more peace of mind.
Countless Colors and Designs to Inspire:
Our felt tiles are available in a wide range of colors and designs to match any style or taste. Mix and match your favorite colors to create a truly unique piece of wall art for your classroom or kids' room.
Fully Customizable:
Arrange your felt tiles in any shape, size, or design you want. Our fully customizable felt tiles are perfect for you if you've got a creative streak and a design in mind. If not, select from one of our many pre-made felt board designs. Since it's so easy to design and rearrange your felt pinboard, you can create a new design for each semester or season.
Usable & Pinnable:
Not only do felt tiles create an eye-catching wall design, but they're practical, too. Pin notes, pictures, reminders, or your kid's drawings on these durable felt tiles. Pin and re-pin as often as you'd like without damaging the felt.
Easy to Install:
Our felt tiles are incredibly easy to set up and install. In just a matter of minutes, you'll have a colorful and creative felt design good to go. With such an easy installation process, you can even have your kids or students join in on the felt decorating fun.
Beautiful and Functional
A breeze to install and made an immediate difference in reducing street noise in my kid's room. The removable adhesive tabs are a godsend. Don't like where you put it up? No big deal, simply pop the tiles off and start again. Easy-peasy.
Easy to Put Together
Easy to put together and really brought some life into my son’s boring room.
Beautiful in my classroom!
I am so happy with my feltright design! The mountain looks so good in my high school classroom - the colors are bright and rich! It was also pretty easy to put up.
Sound Dampening Tiles for Concentration
There are plenty of challenges to the remote working environment. You don't need unwanted noise to add to those challenges. Felt Right's tiles boast a .35 noise reduction coefficient (NRC), meaning they reduce 35% of unwanted noise within an environment. That 35% can mean the difference between finishing the project on time or continually being distracted by unwanted noise.
Bring your rooms to life with Felt Right
Felt Right tiles are the perfect way to transform your kids' room and play areas. They're tactile, durable, colorful, tack-able, impact resistant and, yes, even sound-dampening. Our tiles let you pin up artwork, drawings, photos, and memories, making your children's area more engaging - and a whole lot more fun.
Visit our Design Studio to start creating your own Felt Right design today.
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