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12 Acoustic Felt Designs For Your Home, Office, or Business [2021]

Acoustic felt sound dampening tiles minimize undesirable noise in both home and office environments. In the past, sound dampening solutions were un...

Acoustic felt sound dampening tiles minimize undesirable noise in both home and office environments. In the past, sound dampening solutions were unsightly and didn’t add to the space’s decor. Additionally, no one paid thought to the materials’ impact on the environment. 

However, PET felt ushers in a new era of acoustic panels, which gives you the tools to create a decor that matches your preferences and works as a sustainable solution that you can tailor to any occasion. 

This blog examines the many benefits of acoustic felt designs and gives you 12 examples of how they can reduce noise in any environment while adding to its decor. Continue reading to discover how Felt Right’s felt tiles can transform your home or office. 

What Are the Benefits of Acoustic Felt For Your Home or Office?

Below are a few of the many benefits that acoustic felt can bring to your home, office, or business.

PET- Sustainable, Durable Felt That Lasts For Years  

The many benefits of adding acoustic felt to your home or office start with the 100% PET felt made from recycled plastic bottles. It is a soft yet durable material that lasts for ages. PET is also UV-resistant and recyclable itself, making it a godsend in the age of sustainability. 

Reduce Noise While Retaining Your Style

PET felt panels also absorb sound with a noise reduction coefficient of .35. That translates to one of the highest sound absorption levels outside of soundproofing materials.  

If you’re wondering why you wouldn’t want to use soundproofing instead, you only need soundproofing if you’re trying to isolate sound (recording studios and radio stations use these methods). 

Choose from a Variety of Casual and Formal Styles

Felt Right’s felt wall panels fit any occasion. Cultivate a classy, sleek atmosphere in your company’s office with a sophisticated design such as the Shaded Mountain. Or you can promote a fun, creative ambiance in your home office with the Falling Brick design. The choice is yours. 

Pour Your Creativity Into Your Design 

Whether you want to use one of our many templates, or try your hand at acoustic felt design yourself, felt sound dampening panels put all of the tools in your hands. Visit our My Studio page to create your own unique design to perfectly match your space. 

Stay Organized With Your Felt Art

You’ve heard of cork boards as valuable tools to keep all of your business in order. But do you enjoy looking at cork? 

Felt boards build on cork’s utility by adding an aesthetically pleasing design. Hang your sound-absorbing felt tiles anywhere in your home as art installations if you like. Then use them as a pinboard for all of your important events. 

When it comes down to it, is there anything more beautiful and functional than art combined with practicality?

acoustic felt wall tiles

1. Slate Brickwork- Acoustic Felt That Creates a Sense of Solidarity 

The Slate Brickwork acts as a harsh defense against any unwanted noise in your at-home study or office. Pull up a reading chair and feel protected from the rest of the world as the cool slate blue tiles shield you from the outside world. 

The beauty of the Slate Brickwork is that it has a bold character while retaining a calming influence. Its neutral colors and sturdy composition say “unwanted noise isn’t welcome here,” while the cool slate blue washes over you like a peaceful wave of serenity. 

brickwork square tile pattern

2. Brickwork Pixel Stripe- Acoustic Felt For Video Artists, YouTubers, and Podcasters 

The Brickwork Pixel Stripe is the perfect felt sound dampening tile setup for those who run podcasts from their home or office. The colorful pixel stripe gives you an energy boost, while the mineral tiles balance this with a sense of solidarity. 

With 16 tiles to choose from, there’s no shortage of ideas with this unique felt tile design. Feel free to place the pixel stripe wherever you think it fits best. As shown in the picture, the stripe can fit flush across the top. However, another popular option is to place the pixel stripe across the middle, separating your felt art design into equal halves. 

Felt Right’s felt acoustic panels have chamfered edges that are especially noticeable with this design. They conceal all of the seams in the mineral tiles, making a sleek appearance. If you’re looking for a stern yet serene, felt art installation, consider the Brickwork

green screen felt

3. Green Screen- Acoustic Felt That Gives You Any Background You Want

In the days of Zoom, quarantine, and working from home (WFH), we need to make the most of our time at home. The Green Screen acoustic felt design gives you the ability to spice your Zoom meetings up with any background you want. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a video artist, podcaster, or social media influencer. The Green Screen felt acoustic panel design gives you customizable backgrounds while providing exceptional sound dampening characteristics. 

With the Green Screen, installation is even more straightforward than other designs. Because you only have one tile type, you can set up your special effects studio in just a few hours. 

felt organizer

4. Aqua Kiwi Desk Organizer- The Acoustic Felt That Organizes Everything

The Aqua Kiwi Desk Organizer uses a two-color scheme to keep you laser-focused on the task at hand while giving you an excellent place to keep all of your reminders for meetings, conferences, or meeting notes. It does all this with sound-absorbing felt panels that don’t take up much space. 

The ideal placement for this acoustic felt design is right above your desk, separated into three sections. Separating the aqua shiplap from the kiwi half helps to split and hang your critical documents in three locations. 

Hang your meeting notes in the top portion, your meeting schedule in the middle part, and your upcoming goals in the bottom section.

sparkly felt

5. The Grapefruit Sparkly- Acoustic Felt That Makes You Feel Bubbly Inside

This acoustic felt design is like a fizzy grapefruit juice on a hot summer afternoon: cool, colorful, and refreshing. The Grapefruit Sparkly is one of our most popular designs for a reason. It combines coral, Aries, and grays that elevates the visuals of any environment.  

The Grapefruit Sparkly comes in two sizes: the horizontal and the new, two-column Grapefruit Sparkly. If you’re using this design to add to a larger room, the horizontal Grapefruit Sparkly works best. If you’re only looking to accentuate a few portions of your office or bedroom, the two-column structure suffices. 

Regardless of your setting, the Grapefruit Sparkly is one of Felt Right’s most visually appealing designs. Its artistic color distribution makes it an ideal backdrop for meetings of all kinds, whether in-person or online.  

blocks falling 

6. The Falling Block Art - Play a Game With Your Acoustic Felt Design

If you’re looking for sound-absorbing felt panels that deliver an immersive experience, look no further. A Full Falling Block Art Wall is reminiscent of a full-scale version of Tetris. 

Its brilliant color scheme ignites creativity and problem solving while promoting a sense of fun and light-heartedness—the perfect combination for a day of brainstorming and strategizing.

One of the best aspects of the Falling Block acoustic felt design is that you can continuously customize your felt wall art. You can even make a game out of the installation process. Try fitting the pieces together in different combinations, so your office always has the right creative vibe. 

If you want to switch up the layout, simply peel the tiles off, put some more adhesive on and rearrange. Felt Right’s PET felt isn’t only sustainable because it uses recycled materials. It’s also durable, meaning you won’t have to purchase new materials continuously. 

If you don’t have the Full Falling Block design wall space, the half Falling Block will do just fine. It works well for offices and living spaces of all kinds. 

shaded mountain

7. The Shaded Mountain- Acoustic Felt That Makes You Feel Majestic

This acoustic felt design is one of Felt Right’s most popular designs. It plays on light and shadow with stoic colors such as nickel, cast, and ebony. 

This rich acoustic felt design fits into any space and cultivates a calm state of mind. If you’re trying to sound dampen a large room, it helps to opt for the large option. 

Suppose you’re only looking to install sound-absorbing felt panels in a small space. In that case, the Small Shaded Mountain still provides all of your sound dampening needs while retaining its three-dimensional perspectives. 

Regardless of the room, the Shaded Mountain plays with colors to bring you a sense of depth, expanding your space’s feeling while eliminating noise pollution. 

acoustic felt 

8. Home Base- Acoustic Felt That Keeps Your Team on Task 

The home base acoustic felt design is the ultimate office planning felt board. Put it in your conference room and experience excellent sound quality that facilitates collaboration and keeps you focused on the task at hand. Its neutral color scheme is perfect for concentration. 

With the Design Center, you’ll be able to brainstorm goals, strategize about clients, and keep all your critical team documents in one locale, so everyone stays on the same page. 

felt colors fabric

9. Loud Coloron- Acoustic Felt That Knows How to Have Fun and Get Down to Business

The Loud Coloron acoustic felt design is one of our most versatile and applicable felt tile designs. You can either use it to add some life to your cubicle or wow visitors by turning your living room into what looks like a nightclub. One of the best aspects of the Loud Coloron is that it can decorate multiple walls. 

Promote creativity in your cubicle or add some of your artistic elements to astound your guests with color. The Loud Coloron does it all. 

triangle wall decor

10. Geometric Triangle Art- Acoustic Art That Gets You Creative While Letting You Snuggle

Snuggle near the fireplace. Marvel at your creativity while you sip your coffee and get some reading during the weekend. The beauty of Geometric Triangle Art is that you can make it into whatever design fits your fancy.  

Don’t be afraid to get abstract with this one. If you don’t like what you come up with, simply remove the panels and try again. Don’t forget the extra adhesive tabs for when you want to explore different layouts.

felt acoustic panels

11. Kaleidoscope - Acoustic Felt That Captivates Your Clients and Guests 

A customer design, the kaleidoscope is an excellent choice for coffee shop owners trying to capture their guests’ attention from the moment they walk in the door. This design also works for businesses trying to create a mesmerizing quality that grabs clients’ attention and displays expert craftsmanship and artistry. 
The beauty of the kaleidoscope is that you can hang it like suspended panels on its own, creating a focal point in the room of your choice. Or, you can cover your entire wall with the design, creating an immersive experience for the onlooker they will have a difficult time pulling themselves away from.

business vision board

12. Yellow Vision Board- Acoustic Felt That Helps You Plan Your Company’s Future

Give your office a linear planning board with the striking Yellow Vision Board Design.

Planning can seem tedious, but when you have a simple way to visualize and organize your ideas, productivity comes easily. 

Create a stylish exploration from point A to point B with a simple to use a pinnable felt board. Your ideas will thank you when they turn into reality. 

Conclusion- 12 Acoustic Felt Designs For Your Home Or Office

One of the great things about acoustic felt is its versatility. Whether you’re interested in felt tiles for your home or office, you have the power to design a multi-purpose art installation. Create sound-dampening panels that eliminate noise from your environment, organize critical life events, and cultivate your desired ambiance. 

Whether you want your acoustic felt panel design to promote a focused work environment or a calming entertainment space, Felt Right’s wall tiles will get the job done. Additionally, you get to feel good about the art you’re putting up in your home. 

Not only do these recycled, recyclable materials help your home or workspace, they also help the environment. Felt Right uses 100% PET felt made from recycled plastic bottles. So, when you use Felt Right tiles, you do your part to keep plastic out of our oceans. 
Do you want a more peaceful environment? It won’t take long. You can install Felt Right’s felt tiles in a snap. Visit our shop today and start designing your noise-reducing sanctuary.