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NEW Peel-and-stick adhesive (set of 28)


28 double-sided sticky tabs, Enough for 7 tiles. We recommend 4 per tile. 

Designed just for Sola Tile, this double-sided, peel-and-stick adhesive is designed to firmly adhere to your tile and more gently adhere to your wall.  After going through several iterations we have found an adhesive that works on most walls* and comes off only when you want it to.  When removing the tile we recommend gently but firmly pulling the tile first, which should leave the adhesive on the wall, then rolling the adhesive off the wall. 

*Adhesive tabs are made to come off most smooth painted surfaces. Due to the multitude of variations of wall preparations Sola Tile cannot guarantee their performance. 

What this bundle contains:
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Each Sola felt tile is 12”x12” and comes with smart peel-and-stick adhesive corners.