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What's the Difference Between Soundproofing and Sound Dampening?
The difference between sound dampening and soundproofing is that soundproofing makes your space impervious to sound. Sound is unable to enter or exit the space. However, soundproofing requires you to treat the walls within your space by inserting soundproofing materials inside the walls. This leads to high costs and invasive installation methods. On the other hand, sound dampening reduces the reverberation within a room. Dense material, such as felt, prevents the sound from continuing to vibrate within a space. When you place sound dampening materials in you room, whether on the walls or ceiling, you cultivate the quite atmosphere you need to record your dream projects.
Create the Perfect Sound Environment
As a professional, you need to ensure your room sustains its sound integrity. That means you can't afford the sound from your neighbors talking or the TV in the other room to interfere with your creative process and recording. Felt Right's sound dampening tiles can drastically reduce the noise vibrating within your room and give you a cleaner sound. With a noise reduction coefficient of .35 or 35%, our felt acoustic tiles can make the difference between a spotless recording and one riddled with noise pollution.
Music corner now Awesome!
We love them! They came packaged very nicely. The quality is top-notch. It was easy to put up. We marked our four corners using a tape measure and level, and then filled in the rest using a level. Our little music corner now has a wow factor! Everyone who sees it is so impressed.
Backdrop and recording nook
I love the felt tiles. Easy to apply and looks great. I bought for my office as a zoom backdrop as well as a little recording nook.
Office Space 808 Refresh
After over a year of working from home, my ZOOM Background needed an upgrade. Inspired by the Roland TR-808, I designed this pattern easily with the Felt Right system. Very Happy Customer.
Dampen Sound Without Invasive or Expensive Soundproofing Materials
To accomplish a professional sound environment, you don't need to completely soundproof your room with invasive installation techniques and expensive equipment. Felt Right makes sound dampening easy with lightweight, customizable tiles that you can install in less than an afternoon.

Simply peel and stick your felt acoustic tiles in any design you like, and enjoy the peace and quiet that comes from acoustic paneling. Your listeners and bank account will thank you later.
Examples of Felt Right Designs for Your Podcast or Recording Studio
Create Your Own Design With Felt Right Today
One of the best aspects of Felt Right's acoustic felt tiles is that you can customize them as much as you want. We can develop whatever design you can conceive. Just remember: when it comes to podcasts and recording studios, you need to try and cover as much space as possible. The more space you cover, the more sound damping effects you will enjoy.

Visit our My Design page today to make your podcast or recording studio official.

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