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Felt Tiles for Your Headboard

With Felt Right felt tiles, you can create a unique, colorful, eye-catching headboard within minutes. Our colorful, warm, and pinnable felt wall tiles can add a new dimension to your bedroom that expresses your creativity. Compared to a traditional headboard, felt tile headboards are fully customizable, take up less space, and more cost-effective. They're also easier to install and remove if you're redecorating or moving.
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Why Felt Right Tiles for Your Headboard?
Perfect for your bedroom, a kids room, or even a dorm room, our felt tiles can craft an appealing headboard. Our felt tiles are easy to install to create a unique and appealing headboard—but that's only the beginning. There are many reasons why felt wall tiles are the perfect choice for designing your headboard and adding a creative touch to your bedroom.
Countless colors and designs
Our felt wall tiles are available in a wide range of colors and designs to suit any style or taste. Mix and match your favorite colors to create a truly unique design for your bedroom and headboard.
Fully customizable
If you want a personal, unique headboard that's sure to make a statement, our felt tiles are perfect for you. With so many shapes, colors, and sizes, you'll have a one-of-a-kind headboard that you can customize as needed.
A better night's sleep
Our innovative PET felt material cuts down on unwanted noise by absorbing excess sound waves. This feature makes these sound-dampening panels perfect for a headboard to reduce excess noise and help you get a good night's sleep.
Takes up less space
Compared to a traditional, bulky headboard, felt tiles are easy to install and take up far less space, making them an ideal headboard option for smaller rooms.
No other headboard allows you to pin notes, photos, or other small design features. Pin and re-pin as often as you'd like without damaging this high-quality felt material.
Our felt tiles are designed so that you can install them within just a few minutes. With extrae adhesive tabs, you can easily alter your felt wall headboard as needed. This material is also durable and easy to clean.
Easy to install
Nice thick felt panels, love the drama, subtle texture, and quality. Zero regrets.
Easy to Install
These are clean, contemporary, so easy to install, and look fantastic! We wanted a subtle palette that complimented our neutral master - this set (sold as a horizontal installation) is perfect for a big blank wall we had! Will be getting more for sure.
Functional Art
The tiles were quick to install and look so great. I initially bought the tiles to put in a nook above my closet but once I saw how nice the tiles looked in person I decided to turn it into the main headboard/art piece of our master bedroom. They really help cut down the echo of the room as well.
There are so many unique and creative ways to decorate your bedroom and create an appealing headboard with sound-dampening felt tiles. While our felt wall tiles are designed so that you can fully customize your felt creation, we also have a full catalogue of pre-made Felt Right designs for your headboard. Choosing from one of our designs can make your life even easier.

Check out some of the most popular Felt Right designs to add warmth and color to your bedroom:
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