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Organize Your Kitchen with Felt Right Felt Tiles

Pin up important notes, reminders, recipes, or some of your favorite photos. Pin and re-pin as often as you want without worrying about damaging these tough and durable felt tiles. Not only do Felt Right tiles look great, but they also reduce unwanted noise in any space in your home. Get a little peace of mind and organize with Felt Right today.
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Benefits of Felt Tiles for Your Kitchen-Organization
Pinnable to Organize Your Life
Pin and re-pin your notes, reminders, recipes, and photos to these durable felt tiles. If you're looking to add some color and warmth to your kitchen while finally getting organized, our innovative felt tiles are for you.
Add Some Color to Your Space
Your kitchen doesn't need to be a dull spot in your home. With Felt Right tiles, you can easily add a splash of bright, vibrant color to any surface in your space. With so many color options, you can decide the tone you want to set. Go bold and bright or create a calm, neutral felt board for your kitchen area.
Customize with Endless Patterns and Color Combinations
The sky's the limit when it comes to what you can design with Felt Right tiles. Choose from Felt Right original designs, customer-made designs, or create the design of your choosing. The options are limitless.
Tough and Durable
We know that life gets hectic in the kitchen, but don't worry. Our felt tiles are tough and durable, easy to clean, and tough enough to let you pin and re-pin as many items as needed.
Easy to Install
Felt tiles are meant to make your life easier, not harder, which is why we made our felt wall tiles easy to install. In just minutes, you can have your very own felt tile design installed in your kitchen or any room in your home.
Kitchen Command Center
We needed a way to make a large wall by the kitchen both functional and fun. This was the perfect solution, as a pinboard in the shape of the mountains we love. We have yet to organize/partition the board, but as you can see, it is well-used. I built a stained trim to frame the board and give it more of a built-in look.
I love the MCM design I chose for the bar area in my dining room! I was able to customize the colors to match the other decor. It was easy enough to install, but I did get slightly off on one triangle on the right side that caused the rest to be slightly off (probably only noticeable to me). It adds the perfect pop of color to a large built-in that is original to the house and I did not want to paint or tile. It’s exactly what the room needed.
Great customer service and love the results.
Get Organized with Felt Right
Felt Right tiles are the perfect way to organize your kitchen, living area, or any space in your home or office. Our innovative felt tiles are colorful, durable, tactile, easy to clean, and can even reduce unwanted noise in your home.

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