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How do you want to create?

Whether you are a beginner, DIY expert, or professional designer, we can help you find what you are looking for. Feel free to explore and use a combination of different methods to create your perfect layout.
Sola Felt Tiles
Create your own design
Pick from 15 colors and 6 textures to make whatever you can imagine. Add as many tiles in whatever configuration that you want.
Sola Felt Tiles
Use a Professionally Designed Layout
Maybe you want to be inspired first, or just like what you see. Our Designers have created layouts that you purchase with a click and install yourself.
Sola Felt Tiles
Sample Pack
Purchase a Sample Pack to start planning your next masterpiece!
Sola Felt Tiles
EXTRA Peel and Stick Adhesives
28 double-sided sticky tabs, Enough for 7 tiles. We recommend 4 per tile.