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PET plastic is a durable, resilient material. Unfortunately, it is often used in single-use applications such as packaging and water bottles, which may end up in landfills or worse yet, oceans where it does not belong.

Felt Right products incorporate 50% reclaimed single-use PET plastic, which is turned into beautiful, durable felt tiles.

To date, we have re-purposed the equivalent of nearly 10 million water bottles into beautiful home decor.

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The Process
PET felt panels are manufactured through a sustainable process involving the upcycling of post-consumer plastic bottles. This process ensures a chemical-free composition that adheres strictly to green manufacturing practices, devoid of any red-list chemicals or toxins throughout the entire production cycle.
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The bottles are sterilized, and formed into fibers without harmful chemicals.
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These fibers are then compressed and heated to create the felt material.
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 reduce landfill waste
Extending Product Lifespan:
The Felt Right Move Guarantee
One way to reduce landfill waste is to extend product lifespan. Felt Right tiles are made to the highest quality standards and are designed to last.

We want to make sure that when you move or decide to re-position your design, your tiles are easily moved and re-installed. That is why we developed the Move Guarantee:

Whenever you move or need to re-install your tiles, just reach out and we will provide you with all the new adhesive tabs free of charge (limited to USA)

This makes sure your felt right tiles have an appropriately long lifespan and don’t somehow end up in a landfill, and also allows you to easily re-install your design!
Responsible Packaging
All Felt Right designs are shipped to our customers using responsible recyclable materials such as corrugated cardboard and Kraft paper. We avoid using any styrofoam or single-use plastics in any of our packaging.
 recyclable tile materials
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Working to Protect Our Oceans
Felt Right is a long-time supporter of the Ocean Conservancy with regular financial donations. We believe that our oceans need to be protected and that by working together we can make a difference. The Ocean Conservancy is the leading non-profit engaged in restoring the health of our planet’s marine environment. Founded in 1972, the Ocean Conservancy has removed a total of 348 million pounds of trash from our oceans with the help of over 17 million volunteers.

Learn more about how to get involved here:
Reducing our Footprint
Felt Right’s new headquarters exemplifies top-tier energy efficiency by integrating passive solar principles into its design, harnessing natural light and heat to minimize reliance on external energy sources. The building strategically utilizes orientation, insulation, and high-performance glazing to optimize thermal comfort while reducing the need for active heating or cooling systems.
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Using Power From the Wind and Sun to Produce Felt Tiles
Felt Right proudly relies on renewable energy sources to power its manufacturing processes, using energy from both solar and wind sources to minimize its carbon footprint. By prioritizing renewable energy investments, Felt Right ensures a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions associated with its production, aligning with its commitment to environmental responsibility.
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