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Buffalo Plaid - Grey

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This beautiful buffalo plaid pattern in grey contains three different colors. Great as a wall feature, above a bed, or in a kitchen. Sola felt can be used as a pinboard and...(shh!) it also absorbs sound. 

Felt Right Tiles are the perfect solution to add texture, warmth, and acoustics to any wall in your home or office.  Semi-rigid PET tiles are durable, resilient, tack-able, and easy to install.  Beautifully chamfered edges meet to create a seamless effect along with a sophisticated, dimensional appearance.  Rich, warm texture has the appearance of wool. 

A beautifully curated collection of colors, shapes and engraved textures can be combined to create an endless range of stunning combinations! 

Pin up notes, photos, to-do lists or anything else to make your ideas, priorities, memories or inspiration visible to yourself and others.

Tiles ship in a box and are easy to install with Felt Right's Smart peel & stick adhesive tabs.

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What this bundle contains:
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Nickel Marbled Grey - blank
Armor Light Heathered Grey - blank
Cast Heathered Grey - blank