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Custom Sola Felt Box Custom Sola Felt Box

Custom Sola Felt Box

Color and dimensionality
With our Felt Right tiles and pinboards, you can bring color and dimensionality to any wall in your home or office.

Felt Right tiles are ideal for adding texture, warmth, and sound-dampening acoustics to any of your feature walls. We offer a beautifully curated collection of colors, shapes, and engraved textures that allows you to create an endless range of stunning combinations and design solutions. From decoration, pin-up notes, to-do lists, to photos and memories, there’s a lot to love about what you can do with these versatile felt tiles and boards.

Our felt tiles feature:
  • Shapes and textures designed to craft an unlimited range of possibilities.
  • Chamfered edges make seams virtually disappear.
  • Rich and warm wool-like material.
The power of pinnability
Our Felt Right tiles are more than just decoration. These high-quality felt tiles and felt boards complement the architecture of your home or office with unparalleled sound quality and design flexibility. What can our felt tiles do for your walls? The better question would be what these felt tiles can’t do.

Our felt tiles are:
  • Ideal for small desk organizers, sound-dampening wall art, classroom bulletin boards, architectural acoustic wall texture, and kids’ rooms.
  • Tackable with semi-rigid PET felt.
  • Durable enough to be pinned and re-pinned countless times.
  • Durable for applications like headboards, playrooms, and classrooms.
  • Designed for easy cleaning.
Sound dampening tiles
We think you’ll like the sound of this.

Have you ever wondered why some spaces simply don’t sound good? In a 20-foot room with bare, reflective surfaces, sound waves bounce back and forth at roughly 60 times in a single second. This reflected noise distorts direct sound and serves to drastically diminish our listening experience.

Felt Right soundproof tiles have a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.35, which is comparable to one-inch thick polyurethane foam (a common sound-dampening material). An NRC of 0.35 means our felt tiles and boards absorb up to 35 percent of reflected sound.

Installing Felt Right tiles on even just a single wall of your living room or workspace will noticeably improve your overall acoustic experience—which sounds pretty great to us.
Felt Right FAQs
How does Sound Dampening Work?
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Sound waves vibrate the object they hit, producing more sound. However, when sound makes contact with porous surfaces, the sound gets trapped, muting a portion of the vibrations. Materials like foam felt and plastic can accomplish this reduced vibrational energy. Felt Right’s felt panels trap sound and reduce the noise in a given room.

You may not realize that many places already use sound dampening materials to improve their sound quality. Movie theaters, for example, line their walls with felt-like material covered in waves and bumps. This keeps sound in the theater where it originates and prevents it from bleeding into other theaters. 

Libraries, auditoriums, and gyms also use sound dampening to improve their patrons’ experience. Reducing the vibrational energy within a room preserves its sound integrity and limits the distraction from outside noise.

What is Sound Proofing?
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Sound dampening is not the same as soundproofing. Soundproofing uses specific materials and techniques to prevent sound from escaping or entering a room. In these rooms, people usually can’t hear anything from outside the room.

Anechoic chambers have the highest soundproofing qualities in the world, absorbing 99.9 percent of all vibrational energies. In fact, these chambers absorb so much sound, no one has been able to last longer than 45 minutes inside. People describe being able to hear their blood flowing.

Most people aren’t looking for this type of sound reduction. Except for recording studios, very few of us need to eliminate that amount of sound from our environment. You’re most likely just looking to improve your sound control within a given room in your home.

Given the expensive nature of soundproofing, it’s impractical to install professional-level soundproofing in your home or office. Soundproofing requires extensive installation techniques and needs professional design. The average cost to soundproof a room is thousands of dollars.

Advantages of Felt Right’s Sound Dampening Tiles?
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One of the great benefits of sound dampening materials is their cost. Felt Right’s felt panels are constructed from recycled PET plastic, creating a thin, durable surface ideal for portable sound dampening.

Using these materials makes Felt Right eco-friendly for all of your sound damping needs. Our products help reduce soda bottles in the environment while creating a durable, affordable product.

Additionally, our products give you the option to customize your felt panel design. Create the design of your dreams and scale it to your room the way you see fit. Our design platform ensures that you can scale to your room, preventing you from spending too much or buying too little material.

Felt Right’s panels are also easy to install. If you’re committing to a DIY project, you want to preserve as much time and money as possible. Felt Right’s tiles are lightweight and small enough for anyone to install. They only use adhesive tabs and do not require screws, nails, or special tools. The adhesive is easy to peel, and you can buy more tabs as needed. Removal is also simple.

Most sound dampening products are functional, but few are both practical and visually appealing. Our customizable tiles ensure that you can add a new art installation to your home. With an array of colors and tile shapes, you can design patterns and shapes in limitless combinations. Dampen your sound while adding color to your room instead of having to choose one or the other.

Sound Dampening Ideas With Felt Tiles
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Large Open Rooms

Large living rooms or family rooms can get loud. If you add children to the equation, they can become raucous. Wood floors are consistent favorites for these types of rooms. However, these floors tend to generate more noise and produce more echoes. Felt Right’s tiles can transform your long hallways and large open spaces with beautiful, sound dampening decorations.


Your study is supposed to be a place of refuge where you can focus. It should stimulate workflow and be a comfortable reading environment. Bringing Felt Right’s sound dampening into the study can add some vibrancy to your study without compromising its study-conducive properties.

Craft or Art Rooms

It’s easy to use Felt Right’s tiles as a pinboard in craft or art rooms. In these rooms, the sound may not be the primary issue. You may simply need an easy way to hang art pieces and crafts.

Kids’ Rooms

Creating fun designs for your child’s room can keep them entertained and ignite their imagination. Give them the space they need for a fun play area and help ignite their creativity by changing designs every once in a while.

More Clever Ideas
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Condos, Apartments, Townhomes

Close living quarters always make it challenging to preserve your home’s sound integrity. Whether caused by thin walls or loud neighbors, sound dampening may be attractive if you live in one of these locations. Felt tiles can help accomplish a quieter environment, making your condos, apartment, or townhome more enjoyable.

Dance Studios

Whether you own a dance studio or gym, preserving your sound can be a crucial part of providing an enjoyable experience to your patrons. Implementing our felt tiles will make it easier to hear instructors.


It’s easy to use Felt Right’s tiles to cultivate a welcoming environment. Our tiles will make it easier for patrons to hear each other when conversing over a meal, and when your restaurant gets busy, your servers won’t always have to ask their tables what they said when they’re ordering.

Office Space and Call Centers

Felt Right’s designs fit in any environment where sound preservation is an essential component. When you have multiple employees on the phone or dealing with customers, you want them to communicate clearly and direct their customers in helpful ways.

When your employees are in close quarters, it can be difficult to assist your customers adequately. Background noise can distract your employees from directing the customers in the best possible way. Felt tiles are a perfect solution for any company looking to make their work environment more productive.

Video and Podcasting

Creating the right environment for your podcast or video can be challenging. Whether you’re just starting or have an established platform, it’s always beneficial to upgrade your sound equipment, including your sound dampening materials.

Browse. Design. Create.
With Felt Right’s expanding color palette and design options, the possibilities for your walls are absolutely endless. Our unique collection of shapes and textures is designed to work together to allow you to create an unlimited range of designs. If you can imagine it, you can build it.

With our online and easy-to-use Design Studio, you can:
  • Browse our gallery to find inspiring starting points.
  • Mix and match shapes to create your own masterpiece.
  • Save your designs for later or add to the cart for easy checkout.
  • Easily review and print your patterns.
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