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Bring color and
dimensionality to any wall
Felt Right Tiles are perfect for adding texture, warmth, and acoustics to any wall in your home or office. We offer a beautifully curated collection of colors, shapes and engraved textures to create an endless range of stunning combinations and solutions, from pin-up notes and to-do lists to photos and memories. In short, there’s a lot to love about our tiles.
  • Shapes and textures are designed to work together for an unlimited range of creation
  • Chamfered edges make seams virtually disappear
  • Tiles made with rich, warm, wool-like material
  • Our extensive color palette can enhance any space
The power of pinnability
Felt Right tiles are more than just decoration. They compliment the architecture of your home or office with unparalleled sound quality and design flexibility.
  • Ideal for small desk organizers, sound dampening wall art, classroom bulletin boards, architectural acoustic wall texture, and kids rooms
  • Tackable, semi-rigid PET felt is durable, holds crisp lines, and can be pinned and re-pinned
  • Durable for applications like headboards, playrooms, and classrooms
  • Designed for easy cleaning
We think you’ll like the sound of this
Ever wonder why some spaces don’t “sound good?” In a 20-foot room with bare, reflective surfaces, sound bounces back and forth about 60 times in a single second. The reflected sound distorts direct sound, serving to drastically diminish our listening experience.
Felt Right tiles have an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) of .35 and can absorb as much sound as one-inch thick polyurethane foam, a popular sound dampening material. In other words, installing Felt Right tiles on a single wall of your living or working space will noticeably improve the overall acoustical experience – which sounds pretty great to us.
Felt Right FAQs
How does Sound Dampening Work?

Sound dampening is easy to understand when you apply a little basic science to how sound travels through the air. Sound is a wave that travels through the air and echos when reflected from solid objects. When sound waves come into contact with a material that allows them to penetrate, they can become trapped which leads to muting and dampening. Materials such as foam or plastic can work to dissipate vibrational energy caused by sound. Panels made from these types of materials trap sound and can ultimately reduce the overall noise and ambiance of any given room.

There are many places that use sound dampening as part of the initial structure and are so commonplace that they may go unnoticed or leave you wondering what their purpose is. Movie theaters are a good example of this. You may have noticed that in most theaters, the walls are either lined with soft felt-like material or are covered in waves and bumps. The sole purpose of this design is to keep the sound within the specific theater room to prevent as much sound as possible from traveling to the next theater over. It’s almost certain everyone who has been to a movie has had a bad experience where they hear the sound of a movie they aren’t watching which ruins the experience you were meant to have.

Theaters are not the only place where this practice is common. Libraries, auditoriums, and many gyms, all use sound dampening to improve the experience of their patrons. Often, reducing the amount of echo and reverberating sound can have a large impact on the overall atmosphere of the room which creates a better experience for those spending time there.

What is Sound Proofing?

Sound dampening works differently than soundproofing. Soundproofing requires specific materials in larger quantities to achieve the desired result. A soundproofed room is designed to block noise from entering or from leaving. In these kinds of rooms, it is near impossible to hear anything coming within or coming from without the soundproofed walls.

At Orfield Laboratories located is South Minneapolis USA, there is a room that has been soundproofed so well that it has been labeled the world’s quietest place and holds the Guinness World Record for this achievement. It’s called the ‘anechoic chamber’ and this room is so sound-absorbent that 99.99 percent of all sound is absorbed. No one has lasted more than 45 minutes in the anechoic chamber and it has been described as so quiet it’s possible to hear your blood flow through your body.

Most people are not looking for this level of soundproofing, but it is spectacular to know what is possible in the realms of removing sound from a room. By the simple combination of mesh, foam, and plastic materials, sound can be muted or dampened which adds a level of control to how we use our environments.

Aside from professional recording studios and other buildings where professional-level sound manipulation is necessary, it is usually impractical to spend the money in your home or small business to try and soundproof a room. Soundproofing often requires expensive and unattractive materials that need to be professionally installed. Although the cost associated with soundproofing can vary, the average cost for a small room can easily add up to thousands of dollars.

Advantages of Felt Right’s Sound Dampening Tiles?

The first major advantage of Felt Right is the cost. Felt Right offers felt tiles that are crafted expertly from recycled PET plastic which creates a thin, durable, and light felt board. By using the same PET plastic which is found in water or soda bottles, we are helping to reduce waste while creating a durable product that will last. By using Felt Right’s product, you can rest assured that you won’t have to compromise quality for cost.

Compared to other products that can be used to dampen sound, our felt tiles are both affordable and cost-effective when larger spaces are being considered for use. Our design studio allows you to create both the shape and design that you like best. This means you can control the way it will look and ensure that it is scaled to fit the space perfectly. You end up with no more and no less than you actually need which means you won’t be paying for anything you won’t need, a big money saver for any DIY project.

The second advantage is how easy these tiles are to install. When it comes to DIY, saving time is just as important as saving money. With Felt Right, you save both. These felt tiles are lightweight and small enough that anyone can install them. They require no nails, screws, or special tools, and installation is made easy by adhesive tape which you peel and stick. This tape holds the panels firm against the wall but the strength doesn’t remove paint or damage the wall if the time comes for it to be taken down or moved.

Finally, perhaps the most advantages part of Felt Right’s tiles are their visual appeal and utility. Other products that can dampen sound don’t typically look good and can stick out like a sore thumb. Don’t install something that is an eyesore. Our felt tiles come in an array of colors that can match any space and they are thin enough that they don’t protrude awkwardly and take up more space than necessary. With the combination of colors and tile shapes, you can design patterns and shapes in endless combinations. You can dampen the sound of your room, add art and color to the wall, and they can even be used as a fully functional pin or bulletin board. Our product does much more than reduce noise, you save time and money, and leaves you with a product you can fall in love with.

Start browsing our designs and ideas and make something you will enjoy looking at and are proud to display. No one will ever know that the art they are looking at is actually dampening sound and creating the wonderful ambiance you’ve been looking for.

Sound Dampening Ideas With Felt Tiles

Large Open Rooms

Homes with large open living rooms or family rooms can be rather loud, especially when children are running about and playing or even when you have a group of people over. In more recent years, wood floors have become popular for main rooms and hallways. Although aesthetically pleasing and a wonderful addition to most homes, these types of floors do generate more noise and can send echos through your home. Transform your long hallways and large open spaces by adorning the blank walls with decorative felt tiles. This will let you add color and life to otherwise blank walls, allow you to blend beautiful design and texture while reducing the sound and echo of your home.


We all have a place in our home where we go to get a little work done or sit down for a little reading. Having a comfortable place where you can quietly get things done isn’t always easy. Bring life and color to your study while improving how quiet it is so you can work in peace and comfort.

Craft or Art Rooms

While the sound may not be the primary issue, finding a place to pin things to dry or to keep things organized can be a challenge. Tackle both problems with a display wall of felt tiles. You’ll dampen some of the unwanted sounds, have a place to display or hang your projects, and when you’re all done, the wall will still look great. What could be better than a piece of functional art for an art room?

Children’s rooms

Playtime mixed with creative time can be some of the most fun and entertaining parts of watching your kids grow up. Giving them a space to do so where they can freely make believe with their siblings or friends will make memories that both of you will treasure. From princess castles to dark forests, you can build something for everyone. Perhaps the best part of these sound dampening tiles is that they can be changed so easily. If the time comes that the castle needs to be upgraded to a more traditional pinboard design, just move around the panels and build something new. The possibilities are endless and the potential is grand. Check out our designs and start creating your own design today.

More Clever Ideas

Condos, Apartments, Townhomes

Anyone who has even been to or lived in a condo knows just how loud they can get due to how close they all are. This also goes for apartments and townhomes which are all designed as compact living spaces where there is little to no space between residencies. Either by the fault of thin walls, loud neighbors or out of the common courtesy of wanting to keep things quiet, you have most likely been looking for a solution to make your life a little quieter. Felt tiles can offer you the advantage of quieting your life and making your apartment, townhome, or condo a more tranquil place to be.

Dance Studios

Sound dampening can also benefit dance studios and gyms. It’s amazing how much noise can be generated by a group of people moving around and working out. These environments can be improved by felt tiles making it easier to hear the instructors as well as help to keep people moving to the rhythm of the music. Check out our design ideas to get inspired for a design that can revolutionize your studio.


How people perceive your restaurant has a lot to do with how it looks. Cultivating a welcoming environment that people will want to come to and spend time in is a crucial part of driving business. When your customers want to stay, they might stick around and order desert, but most importantly they will want to come back. Create something unique and inviting for your restaurant with felt tiles. This will give you art and color which helps reduce the sound and make it easier for your customers to chat and for your servers to take orders. View our designs and get inspired today.

Office Space and Call Centers

Felt tiles are a wonderful solution for any office environment looking to maintain a quieter environment as well as provide additional functionality for your agents. Not only does Felt Right’s Felt Tiles help to dampen sound, but they are completely functional pinboards. Solve two problems with one product and even transform a call center environment.

Call centers are a crucial part of many businesses and due to the close proximity of agents and the near-constant string of phone calls, a call center environment can be loud. Not only can this make it difficult for the agents to focus on their work, but background noise can also make a poor experience for anyone calling in. If the background noise makes it difficult for the customer to hear the agent, the impression can come off as unprofessional and aggravating.

Felt tiles are a wonderful solution for any office environment looking to maintain a quieter atmosphere as well as provide additional functionality for your agents. Not only does Felt Right’s Felt Tiles help to dampen sound, but they are completely functional pinboards. Solve two problems with one product and transform your call center environment.

Video and Podcasting

Creating a background for your video can be difficult or expensive. Regardless of whether or not you are starting out, beginning to grow an audience, or have a developed platform, you can always upgrade and design a better studio. Felt tiles offer you endless creative opportunities to design a wonderful background that will look amazing and bring new life to your video.

Along with providing you with a customizable background design that can easily be changed and rearranged, the PET felt will help dampen sound and provide better audio quality for your videos and projects.

Finding the perfect environment for recording audio can be difficult. A simple addition of felt tiles to your recording room or studio will allow you to have improved sound quality because of the sound dampening qualities of the product.  Freelancers and businesses alike can take advantage of this affordable and multipurpose material. Start designing the new background for your studio today.

Browse. Design. Create.
With Felt Right’s expanding palette of designs and options, the possibilities are endless. Our collection of shapes and textures are designed to work together in an unlimited range of creations. If you can imagine it, you can build it with our online simple-to-use Design Studio!
  • Browse our gallery to find inspiring starting points
  • Mix and match shapes to create your own masterpiece
  • Save your designs for later or add to the cart for easy checkout
  • Easily review and print your patterns
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