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Cashmere Tan - Cross Cashmere Tan - Cross

Cashmere Tan - Cross

Sola Felt wall tile made from 50% recycled PET with pull and stick tabs. The pinnable material installs easily onto almost any clean smooth surface, and the chamfered edges limit the appearance of seams.
Bring color and
dimensionality to any wall
Felt Right Tiles are perfect for adding texture, warmth, and acoustics to any wall in your home or office. We offer a beautifully curated collection of colors, shapes and engraved textures to create an endless range of stunning combinations and solutions, from pin-up notes and to-do lists to photos and memories. In short, there’s a lot to love about our tiles.
  • Shapes and textures are designed to work together for an unlimited range of creation
  • Chamfered edges make seams virtually disappear
  • Tiles made with rich, warm, wool-like material
  • Our extensive color palette can enhance any space
The power of pinnability
Felt Right tiles are more than just decoration. They compliment the architecture of your home or office with unparalleled sound quality and design flexibility.
  • Ideal for small desk organizers, sound dampening wall art, classroom bulletin boards, architectural acoustic wall texture, and kids rooms
  • Tackable, semi-rigid PET felt is durable, holds crisp lines, and can be pinned and re-pinned
  • Durable for applications like headboards, playrooms, and classrooms
  • Designed for easy cleaning
We think you’ll like the sound of this
Ever wonder why some spaces don’t “sound good?” In a 20-foot room with bare, reflective surfaces, sound bounces back and forth about 60 times in a single second. The reflected sound distorts direct sound, serving to drastically diminish our listening experience.
Felt Right tiles have an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) of .35 and can absorb as much sound as one-inch thick polyurethane foam, a popular sound dampening material. In other words, installing Felt Right tiles on a single wall of your living or working space will noticeably improve the overall acoustical experience – which sounds pretty great to us.
Browse. Design. Create.
With Felt Right’s expanding palette of designs and options, the possibilities are endless. Our collection of shapes and textures are designed to work together in an unlimited range of creations. If you can imagine it, you can build it with our online simple-to-use Design Studio!
  • Browse our gallery to find inspiring starting points
  • Mix and match shapes to create your own masterpiece
  • Save your designs for later or add to the cart for easy checkout
  • Easily review and print your patterns
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