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It's not the first time cities and their buildings will have to be reimagined or changed due to an increased understanding of a disease.

It's not the first time cities and their buildings will have to be reimagined or changed due to an increased understanding of a disease. The rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of people to reevaluate their work. How it will affect the design for a world that will never be the same again, this depends whether we will be able to gather in large spaces, offices, hotels, hospitals, and airports.



After spending months working from home, most of us may not be able to remember the unwanted noise that annoyed us in the office. The rowdy laughter, heavy footsteps, munching on snacks, creaking furniture, the hum of printers, and conversation in the background. At some point in the future, we will return to the office, and the unwanted noises will also return, but they might sound a little bit different. A challenge for most employers is working with open office floor plans especially for employers that are looking to allow their employees to come back to their offices. Open indoor offices are perfect for spreading COVID-19. In order to make the office space a better and safer environment for everyone so that they can sit and concentrate on what needs to be done, a few acoustic design changes in office spaces will be required. Ensuring that the air in the office is circulated cleanly and properly is essential. Installing a HVAC system which is high-quality is important. The partition of the office with a wall panel to reduce the dangers associated with open-plan offices. This will, unfortunately, result in an uglier and louder office, and nobody dreams of working in a noisy environment. Together with the installation of plexiglass barriers, this would change the acoustic of the office completely. The solution is to use acoustic material in the new office designs. Working together with professionals of acoustic design can aid in making the office balance the acoustic design changes in the offices plus the latest health concerns with problems of worker productivity. The use of aesthetically pleasing materials to use for the office partitions will help keep the employees' focus and keep the office looking great.



Many people have spent countless hours in their homes, the flaws in traditional home designs have popped up, especially in apartments. Designing a home with quick navigation to open spaces so that people can get out without any risk of contamination in crowded areas has become increasingly important. Another design space getting a lot of consideration is the indoors. A lot of workers function better when their relaxation space and workspace aren't in the same room, but a lot of homes just don't have enough houses to make that possible. Architects have found a simple and effective solution in partitions and temporary walls using wall panels. The use of partitions that are space-efficient, one can easily turn their living room into many rooms, giving you a chance during work hours to concentrate on your work and yourself after the working hours. While there is another design where the intelligent use of acoustic materials like sound dampening panels or felt wall tiles could improve your experience. If you and your roommates or partner are both working from the house, making various rooms and soundproofing each room with wall panels and sound dampening panels to prevent unwanted noises leaking to other rooms. This allows everyone to stay focused even while everyone is on a video call simultaneously.


Around the world many cities need additional hospital rooms, and finding ways to create new rooms has become a challenge. One way designers have managed to solve this problem is through soundproofing wall panels. This would take into consideration of how sound moves in a medical space and helps confidentiality between patient and doctor